Review – Sunday Social injects a breath of fresh air into Ibiza with Gruuv label heads Audiojack

Sunday Social – carefully created by Audiojack in the spirit of the true Ibiza –‘ a house party, a hangout, an alternative to the super clubs. For those who like to dig a little deeper than the obvious’. I got my glittery little claws dug well and truly into this one and I’ll be holding that same tight grip to every single Sunday Social to come…

Dreamed up by the Gruuv label heads Audiojack with the attitude that the superclubs have lost in recent Ibiza years of free-spirited, affordable partying alongside like-minded people who share a passion for underground music, nothing but good vibes and a love-of-life, Sunday Social is a breath of fresh air for myself and my fellow beat-lovers. A whole new level to the parties we seem to have gotten used to on the island with their hefty entry fees, crazy drinks prices and egotistic in-your-face marketing plastered all over the island attracting more of a commercialised crowd sometimes. The craze when the announcement went viral proved that people were right up for getting back into the frame of mind that Ibiza once had, knowing only love, music, passion and hedonism – and who better to host it than the guys who have been based on the island for long enough to know how it was done… Wow, I could’t wait for this one!


After a legendary response to the expression made by Audiojack of their brand spankin’ new shindig hosted by the guys themselves every alternate Sunday in Ibiza with unannounced guest artists both known and unknown, giving newer up and coming DJs a chance to get on the line-up and play the sets that they wanna play and allowing all of the artists gracing the decks to dig a little deeper into their record box in the awesome alternative Ibiza spot Veto Social Club, the opening was an absolute belter!!

Energetic as hell to check out what what both Sunday Social and Veto were all about I had my dancin’ shoes on early to trot down to the event and get a cheeky chat with the guys before it all kicked off and I got lost in the beats (give me an hour at a party + I’ve donated myself to the dancefloor for the rest of the night so best get there early!) – I wanted to explore the venue too before it was too busy to take in. Audiojack’s positive energy + ethos and Veto’s vision couldn’t have been better matched, both venturing beyond the mainstream party culture with their ways of thinking and creating an authentic alternative in Ibiza’s nightlife that went down a storm and after the hype surrounding it I wasn’t expecting any less! With no entry fee and more than reasonable drinks prices (around 5 Euros in comparison to the usual 15- 20 elsewhere) it was already a delight for me.


Veto’s post- apocalyptic furnishings give it an eccentric feel, delving away from the norm – in their own words it’s Ibiza subculture in full-bloom, a venue with its own identity. Nice! A bar laced with metal rails and a vintage telephone and cool-as-cucumber bar people with smiley faces, I was happy kickin’ back on the bar stools for some chat with the party who were already there early doors. The club room was darker… Bashed up car headlights caught my eye on one of the walls behind the decks. I love randomness like this so I was captivated right away. The décor spoke a million words + the vibe was already there – this was gonna be an obvious good one…

Audiojack had thrown out an awesome opportunity for new DJs to submit a mix in a bid to grab the warm-up set at the first ever Sunday Social and is something they’ll be doing for every event. What an incredible gesture from the guys who have been at the top of their game for years, reaching out to emerging artists for a chance like this, to play at one of the most spoken about new parties on the island. Says alot about their attitude towards music don’t it? The warm-up of the night was Smudged Up who was hand-picked by Audiojack after submitting his mix to them alongside other super- keen candidates for the opening set. He graced the party from 10pm til midnight with some deep and meaningful beats leading us up to the rest of this crazy good night as it got busier and busier…


Speakers filled the corners of the room like a proper house party would have – amplifiers on show and pretty much hanging above the decks for all to see, cords wrapped around any places they could be, the table holding the decks nothing but a rugged fold up table with the decks laid out on top… NO pretentiousness or fancy interiors just good vibes and interesting things and BANGIN’ tunes! People of all nationalities hanging out together, mingling – lots of minglers (who, by the way, were still boppin’ while they chatted!) the walls laid bare and stripped down to the bricks to give the venue and event a real raw feel and the outside area set up like a real hangout where you could chill and chat but still hear the music coming from the inside of Veto.

As the crowd multiplied the beats progressed and Audiojack took to the decks playing individually then hittin’ off a mammoth 6 hour set that fired up every single dancing person in there! Diving deep into their record collection of old and new, deep and dirty house & techno beats and beyond they smashed out some belters of tracks! Every time I managed to browse the room there was smiley people filling the club with their dance moves. The visuals were moody black + white projections of trippy dancing pigeons and batman and the sort. Things that suited the random edge that the whole night had created with just a few LED lights that were broken through by the beats. I can’t big up this event enough… And if you ask anyone else who had the bliss of being there, they’d all say the same.

Chatting to Audiojack themselves who should be VERY proud that they’ve introduced this attitude and party back into the Ibiza music world, this is how they felt after the event…

“We were overwhelmed by the response online leading up to the opening night when the post went, showing us that a lot of people share our ethos and want this kind of party to still exist on the island. The night itself was nothing but a joy from start to finish, it started off relaxed with people hanging out and chatting and then evolved into full swing with people from all nationalities filling the dancefloor, creating exactly the vibe we’d envisioned. Can’t wait to do it all again!”

I couldn’t agree with the guys more. It’s no wonder Sunday Social has been noticed big time by the music lovers and passion-people on the island and what an absolute pleasure it was to be a part of the opening event. May each one shine through different talents and see Audiojack nurture the best of music talents both old and new.

Guys, high five, you smashed it – what smashin’ hosts and an all-round feel-good event like no other! You’ve more than definitely inspired people to dig a little deeper…

Images courtesy of Veto Social Club Ibiza

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