DJ-Duo Super Flu return with a third album on their label Monaberry

Artist: Super Flu
Title: Musik 3
Label: Monaberry
Release Date: Out Now!
Genre: House/Techno

DJ-Duo Super Flu return with their third album on their own label Monaberry. The guys are known for playful, versatile and energetic music, always keeping up a positive vibe. Although keeping their signature sound their third album also offers a discovery and exploration of new vibes and moods reflecting their musical growth since the last album.

They set us off with ‘3,1’, a curious introduction showing hints of what will come. Continuing the journey into the world of Super Flu music we encounter ‘Insi’. As a dedication to their former booker the track vibrates with love, moving around a deep core is an enchanting melody that moves and interacts with the groove making elements and vocals parts. ‘V13a’ tightens the emotional aspect and directs it in a dance floor direction through the more techy flair and energetic percussions.

After breaking it down in the soft interlude they did together with andhim, ‘Mygut’ flows over you with its beautiful vocals and skillfully crafted instrumental elements that together make up a dreamy and philosophic atmosphere full of expectation. ‘Gausa’ continues the vibe but adds a rougher undertone to it that builds the frame for the massive synth leading to the momentum of euphoria that explodes in beat and melody and leads the way to the more dancy ‘PWF Fel’ and ‘K5000’ who ups the energy level.

In the second interlude, they are working together with Hauschka, and the beat free melodic piece moves in contract to the groove focused track ‘Mine*You’ that is featuring their Monaberry brother Ole Biege and his unique and very characteristic vocals. ‘Skorr’ again moves us in the deeper direction preparing its listeners for the big summer festivals before the album finishes off with ‘2daBeat’, a dreamy addition that greatly sums up the mood of this album.

‘Musik 3’ is a beautifully crafted album that gives the fans a wonderful listening experience in addition to the tracks that are ready for the dance floor. Super Flu manages to present different styles while keeping the sound coherent and they have a good flow in the track selection. No doubt this is a summer highlight.

01. 3,1
02. Insi
03. V13a
04. Interlude 13
05. Mygut
06. Gausa
07. pwf FEL
08. K5000
09. Interlude 3
10. Mine*You
11. Skorr
12. 2daBeat

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