Super Flu returns with a brand new album

Super weird, super fun, Super Flu. The Halle (Saale) boys are back and this time they’re packing some serious heat. Always drifting a little astray from centre, Feliks and Mathias haven’t spared an ounce of creativity on their latest project, Musik 3. The album description which reads more like a sci-fi outtake, loosely tie in track names as it weaves around a narrative of two astronauts who crash land their spaceship in Britain. Upon listening, fans can expect some classic Super Flu with tracks like ‘Insi’ and ‘Mine*You’, as well as some more experimental pieces such as the enchantingly beautiful ‘mygut’ and ‘Gausa’, the latter of which giving a respectful nod to the trademark sound of fellow Germans Moderat.

The album is designed to be played from start to end, but don’t be mistaken, each individual track also sounds spectacular. There is little doubt that Musik 3 will further propel Super Flu into the stars, which clearly, is exactly where they want to be.

A British spaceship has to do an emergency landing in Halle. Professor Quatermass and his colleagues are able to locate the two astronauts Feliks Thielemann and Mathias Schwartz who are in a state of complete shock. There is nothing left but empty spacesuits after their fellow astronauts. However, they find the residues of a jellylike substance in their suits, and at the lab they discover that the substance is Musik 3. When checking the security tapes recovered from the space ship, the conclusion is that an alien life form has snuck on board, which is responsible for the disappearance of the two crewmembers.

Crocodile lady 3,1 is living a happy life on the alligator farm, but life as she knows it comes to an end when the huge reptile is sold to the crooked businessman Zhao who wants to eat the 8-meter long animal. Quickly she escapes captivity, but while breaking out she happens to eat a women’s handbag with a million dollar inside and so a wild hunt begins.

The Special Forces team was supposed to raid a dealer den in an apartment complex, but suddenly an unknown individual is firing shots at them through the door of another apartment. Insi fires back not knowing that the owner of an online dating site is sitting chained behind the door.

Right before the opening of the Zoo V13a the apes are infected by a mysterious zombie virus. They break out of their cages and attack the staff working in the compound. In the meantime giraffes, lions and others are infected as well. The hairy undead must by any means be kept from crossing the Zoo fences!

Interlude 13 feat. andhim

The biotech company mygut has succeeded in cloning dinosaurs, but the inevitable happens: after breaking out of the facilities, the extinct monsters spread fear and horror in the city. Ex-fireman Gabe Jacobs goes head to head with the vile creatures to save his daughter’s life.

US-scientist Gausa is in Scotland to prove that the legendary Loch Ness Monster “Nessie” does not exist. He has brought the newest technical equipment for this expedition, but amongst the locals there is little enthusiasm for his project.

The orphaned kid pwf FEL lives on the streets of London. Together with his friends he picks peoples pockets for the petty crook James Hook. During a raid pwf finds a magic orb that takes him, his friends and Hook to Nimmerland.

Provincial robot K5000 wants to present his self-built machine to the genius inventor Big Weld in Robot City, but the director of the company has disappeared. Instead the company has been taken over by the nasty Ratchet and his mother, and they are scrapping all the robots that can’t afford a new update. K5000 has to find Big Weld and get him back to Robot City.

Interlude 3 feat. Hauschka

While Carla is enjoying an affair with the manager Jeckel, there are unpleasant surprises waiting for them in the upcoming risk analysis. The client is Mine*you, chairman the supervisory board on Strahl AG. He wants to insure himself against the female weaknesses of his Chairwoman Katharina Brandt, but the truth is that Mine*you uses Carla to spy on Katharina.

On one of her expeditions a wolf bites nature photographer Skorr. At the New York airport she turns into a werewolf and attacks other travellers. The military is able to brutally kill the beasts and come up with an absurd plan.

Henry fooled everyone, and his life seems perfect. Only 2daBeat knows the truth. When they are caught up by the past Henry turns to his family, friends and lovers to survive, but the biggest hurdles he needs to face alone.

Feliks and Mathias are heading up to a mine in Alaska with their truck. They have brought Musik 3 with them on the trip. What they don’t know: an explosion has awoken a prehistoric monster underneath the ice. The three of them will have to kill the beast.


1. 3,1
2. Insi
3. V13a
4. Interlude 13 (feat. Andhim)
5. mygut
6. Gausa
7. pwf FEL
8. K5000
9. Interlude 3 (feat. Hauschka)
10. Mine*You (feat. Ole Beige)
11. Skorr
12. 2daBeat

Super Flu ‘Muzik 3’ is out now on Monaberry!

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