Swedish audio company Noc Design release Monolith speakers

The Monolith development began in December 2020 with a study on the possibilities of the fusion of an interior piece with a speaker.

The mission – timeless design and ability to deliver the Nocs sound on point. End result? A world-class experience that would perform in all settings, unleashing the Nocs Studio sound in one unit or many synched together.

It took them two years & they are extremely proud of the outcome. It’s safe to say the Monolith delivers. The Monolith is made in Sweden, and the final assembly takes place at the Nocs Lab headquarters in Lund, Sweden. Limited runs ensure meticulous production and a flawless design each and every time.


In detail

Raw wood is the epitome of high-quality design. With a unique grain and texture on each piece, every speaker is as unique as their listener. Monolith speakers begin their journeys as local birch plywood, sourced from local suppliers to optimize the look and feel. 

The plywood is CNC’ed to the correct geometry, and the surface is then treated with oil and wax. Finally, the blackened plywood offers a deep, matte black finish, infusing a subtle touch of personality to set your piece apart.

We chose Scan-Speak, based in Denmark, as our local partner to deliver the highest calibre of speaker performance. Founded in 1970, Scan-Speak is renowned for its superb sound quality and high-end speaker drivers. Although the final look is rustic and unassuming, the process is anything but. The end result? Raw expression fused with the best in modern sound technology. Meet precision at its finest.


Nocs studio sound – like the artist intended

Each musician has a distinct vision for the listening experience, and the speaker’s job is to get out of the way. Like an artist chiselling away at a marble sculpture, we’re just revealing the true sound that was there all along. ​ ​ 

At Nocs Lab, audio development always begins with the musician community. The insights are invaluable in creating the right tuning and honing the experience to preserve the artistic integrity of the speaker. ​Our Nocs Labs engineers are laser-focused on the relationship between the artist and the listener, tuning drivers to perform in the vented acoustic volumes. Premium components further empower the highest-quality sound. 

Coupled with a newly inhouse invented piezo vent design inspired by car exhaust systems, the Monolith offers less distortion and deeper bass. 

Monolith from Nocs Design on Vimeo.

Cradle to cradle

After a few years of production in China, we made the important call to move production back to Sweden. 

Why? Our products are designed for a circular economy. In addition to the elevated quality and appearance, we’ve prioritized a modular design that can be repaired and upgraded over time. Speaker technology is constantly evolving, and for most products, the endless desire to upgrade means instant obsolescence for older models. Not the case with the Monolith — upgrade one part at a time while the unit remains intact.

We’re doing what we can to reduce electronic waste worldwide, invest in our local communities, and take sound to the next level.

Price & Availability

The Monolith will be available for pre-order as of today at 1200 USD for US & 1500 EUR for Europe. Shipping starts in the end of January. ​Find out more via www.nocsdesign.com