Sydney’s Lazydaze team up with Unyoked with Lazydaze.001 compilation

Sydney based DJ mix series and sound collective Lazydaze is thrilled to announce the release of their debut compilation album Lazydaze.001 – a unique collaboration with Australian nature company, Unyoked. Featuring a collection of lazy tracks specially crafted for the art of unyoking, the compilation will be released via Unyoked Records on Bandcamp from January 17th via digital download and limited-edition cassette.

With a shared desire to help people unplug their minds and disconnect from the hectic-ness of the everyday, Lazydaze approached the good folks at Unyoked back in 2020 with an idea: to create a soundtrack for relaxing and resetting in the wilderness featuring bespoke music produced by Lazydaze artists. The result is a beautifully melodic and wonderfully diverse album exploring the endless textures of ambient, downbeat and electronica.

The cast of talented musicians trusted with bringing this sonic endeavour to life includes electronic producers from Australia, Thailand and Canada. Riding the wave of a huge 2021, acclaimed Brisbane producer/DJ Sampology leads the way with ‘I Guess You Never Know’ – a fresh cut of exotic whimsy best enjoyed basking by the river or in a rolling valley. At the other end of the sonic spectrum, fellow Brisbanite Dream Coast concocts an introspective session of campfire soul searching with ‘Nemesis (Ambient Mix)’.

A slew of Sydney producers also bring their excitingly diverse range of sounds to the compilation. The bass heavy ‘Aye Aye’ from local favourite Marley Sherman lazily puffs away at 4:20 time, alongside the groove laden slice of downbeat ‘Why Not You’ from TJBligsy’s ‘Spanish Mackerel’ conjures an abandoned 3am campfire slowly petering out, while the celebratory ‘Exhale’ from No-kë dances with wild abandon under an early morning sunrise.

End User License Agreement’s ‘Deceleration’ boils things down to a pot of slo-mo tech funk, and both ‘Innocence and Suburbia’ and ‘Rapture’ from Acharné (aka Deepchild) are deeply explorative journeys into experimental sounds (originally featuring on his 2017 album Innocence and Suburbia).

Across the pond, Thailand’s Moodwax provides two of the album’s most emotional cuts – ‘Mermaid (You are Always) (Rebirth)’ and ‘Saw It In Her Eyes’ – and the serene collaboration from Montreal’s viñu-vinu & Julián Muro, ‘Los Cencerros y Las Guitarras’, is a call to mother nature herself, awash in magical wind chimes and acoustic guitar noodlings.

Featuring stunning bespoke artwork by Sally Linsdell ( and mastering from Nick Franklin and Tom Johnstone , Lazydaze.001 is currently stocked in cassette format in all Unyoked locations across Australia for nature seekers to bliss out to. A run of 35 limited-edition cassettes are also available for purchase at Bandcamp, as well as digital versions for exclusive download and streaming.

Lazydaze curator Henry Johnstone says:

“I’ve always been a huge admirer of Unyoked and I really love what they do. So when I discovered they had stocked their cabins with these cool little tape decks, the idea for Lazydaze.001 came to life. I can’t wait for people to hear the wonderful music on this album, be it amongst nature at an Unyoked location, or chilling at home in the backyard. I had the opportunity to experience it for myself at the idyllic Pascal cabin, just east of Canberra, overlooking a rolling green valley. It was pretty special.”

Sampology says:

“After pointing microphones at a huge amount of instruments for my recent Regrowth album it was refreshing returning to my first musical love, sampling records. I have a folder of sample collage songs like ‘I Guess You Never Know’ I make only for my own listening pleasure. I chose to share this one as it felt like a nice fit to play from a tape cassette in a cabin for a weekend away in nature.’

Unyoked presents Lazydaze.001


  1. viñu-vinu & Julián Muro __ Los Cencerros y Las Guitarras
  2. Moodwax __ Mermaid (You Are Always) (Rebirth)
  3. TJ __ Why Not You
  4. Sampology __ I Guess You Never Know
  5. Marley Sherman __ Aye Aye
  6. Moodwax __ Saw It In Her Eyes
  7. Dream Coast __ Nemesis (Ambient mix)
  8. Bligsy __ Spanish Mackerel
  9. Acharné __ Innocence and Suburbia
  10. Acharné __ Rapture
  11. End User License Agreement __ Deceleration
  12. no-kë __ Exhale

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