Sydney’s Mantra Collective launches Pandorea Records

Mantra Collective · Pandorea Records 001 by Mantra Collective

Mantra Collective Records proudly announces the launch of sublabel Pandorea as a platform dedicated to high quality minimal music from Australian artists.

Taking the name from a native species of flower, Pandorea is an ode to our country’s flourishing minimal music scene and a platform through which we can celebrate the sounds of our own landscape.

The first release is a V/A compilation showcasing the distinct sonic identity of four artists who have been an integral part of Mantra Collective’s musical vision.

In Tower of Thought, Cooper Dodge balances kinetic percussion atop his trademark punchy groove. The release’s most club-centric track builds to a euphoric moment as cosmic vocals dance with an infectious melody. Taking a deeper approach, Mike Watts’ bass driven Ode to the Doof is a heady trip with plenty of momentum. Dark, hypnotic rhythms bubble below subtle  organic details, transporting the listener to the quintessential psychedelic landscapes the track takes its title from. Thomas David’s markedly intricate contribution Only You, draws from a wide sonic palette in a spacious and meditative arrangement. A dynamic bassline ebbs and flows through an elegant collage of lush synth-work. Tiril closes the release with Dreamtime, an ethereal roller with a delicate touch. Squiggling synths create a vibrant atmosphere above tight, brisk percussion, appealing equally to minds and bodies.

Each cut perfectly adept to its own time and place, yet all marked by a sound that is unequivocally Mantra Collective. We are delighted to present this window into our growing scene.

Mastering by David Harman.

Pandorea Records 001 – VA

1. Cooper Dodge – Tower of Thought
2. Mike Watts – Ode to the doof

3. Thomas David – Only You

4. Tiril – Dreamtime

Available via Bandcamp

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