SymphonyOS and UnitedMasters join forces to grow artist fan bases with automated marketing

SymphonyOS, the AI-powered marketing operating system for creators, is teaming up with the leading software and services platform for independent artists UnitedMasters to deliver smart automated music marketing tools to artists, generating music exposure that matters and growing their fan bases. Through this new alliance, all artists who have joined UnitedMasters’ SELECT tier can seamlessly build and execute marketing campaigns to increase their streams and grow sales with access to SymphonyOS tools–with playbooks recommended in real-time through the UnitedMasters app.

“Our focus is to empower independent artists to reach their full potential. A key part of that includes promotion, but executing an effective marketing campaign is getting more complex and time-consuming,” says Catherine Zielinski, Head of Strategic Partnerships from UnitedMasters. “With our SymphonyOS partnership, UnitedMasters Select artists can further let tech do the heavy lifting, so they can maximize their time creating music and doing what they love.”

By factoring in an artist’s unique goals and applying music marketing best practices, SymphonyOS’s AI generates and executes complete custom release rollouts–taking into account target audiences, specific channels, and recommended cadence. With insights and content tracking laid out by SymphonyOS in easy-to-read, transparent visualizations, artists can understand their fan bases on a deeper level.

“We recognize that UnitedMasters has built an amazing team and amazing resources for their millions of artists,” says Megh Vakharia, Co-founder and CEO of SymphonyOS. “We’re excited for them to be our first partners as we look to bring our technology to creatives everywhere who are looking to grow.”

SymphonyOS and UnitedMasters share a goal of freeing musicians of the time and resources it takes to promote their music so that they can dedicate all their time to doing what they love–creating great music. Now with distribution and promotional tools all in one place, the rollout process is streamlined and headache-free–allotting artists more time and energy to make their music.

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