T.B. Arthur, Magda and BMG team up on new release “2.0”

Following on from ‘Lost Basement Tapes’ and the raw psychedelic energy of their first EP, which tickled the fancy of Planet Earth’s toughest music critics, Blotter Trax return to the present tense in 2018 with a 2.0 vision.

The duo of Magda and T.B. Arthur have enlisted Detroit top dog BMG – founder of Ectomorph, Interdimensional Transmissions, and the No Way Back parties. The cultivation of these three devilish musical minds has resulted in a triple header of absolutely essential music. It’s for anyone who’s taste in dance music stretches far beyond the usual confines of safety and expectation, those who crave unique floor-fillers overdosing with tripped out delights.

‘2.1’ kicks off proceedings on form, channeling the best elements of electro with analogue focused hijinks. Expertly produced, ‘2.1’ rides along a broken beat whilst unusual bubble effects and singular tones drag the listener in deep. Setting the mood perfectly with form, function and an effective dancefloor groove. It’s a piece of music which pushes far beyond the norm with an effortlessly psychedelic approach.

‘2.2’ continues the reduced non-4/4 aesthetic and submerges into bleepier territory. Discordant toms and subtle sound effects rest comfortably along this patiently produced roller of a tune. ‘2.2’ comes complete with a totally stripped out breakdown midway, which creates a clever sense of tension before dropping back into quirky beats and even more tripped out trickery.

‘2.3’ rounds it all out with the most hypnotic cut on the EP. Syncopated rhythmic hits drive this electro monster forward while the use of atmospherics and sound effects are subdued and absolutely effective, each perfectly placed to raise the most sonic curiosity. In a less-is-more approach, ‘2.3’ will surely sound incredible echoing off the warehouse walls in a proper late night rave up.

Recorded in Berlin at Arthur’s all analog studio, which featured in Japan’s Sound & Recording Magazine during 2017, the trio’s in-studio performances were mixed live by Arthur and then edited by Magda. A fusion of old school dance floor idealism with the modern kaleidoscopic viewfinder of Blotter Trax, a classic example of freaky-deaky dance music – designed for feet and psyche.

Release Date: April 4th
Pre-order: https://clone.nl/item49656.html

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