T-Minus, the essential new sound therapy app set to help UK sufferers of tinnitus

According to the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), 1 in 8 adults* in the UK suffer from tinnitus – a condition that causes a persistent internal noise that some describe as a ringing, humming or whooshing. Despite its prevalence, many of those who suffer with tinnitus continue to struggle without relief due to a lack of conclusive medical research. With no scientifically validated cure and still very little clarity on effective mitigation strategies, millions have been left starved of any real satisfactory support to manage their symptoms.

Set to become the UK’s leading online self-help sound therapy provision, T-Minus is the first app designed to help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, as part of an overall wellness approach. This astonishing breakthrough app is the brainchild of professional musician, producer and long-term tinnitus sufferer, Rupert Brown who’s spent his life collating an incredible, captivating and unique music library of what he calls ‘Mind Environments’ – each one meticulously crafted to suit the individual specifications of those looking to take back control of their auditory environments.

Having worked alongside the likes of Roy Ayers, Nigel Kennedy, Cher, The Lighthouse Family and many others, Rupert first developed tinnitus in his early twenties after playing drums for Roy Ayers at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club.

T-Minus composer and co-founder, Rupert Brown:

“I have suffered with tinnitus for over 30 years. Creating this music has been an incredible journey, it’s been scary, dark and emotional, it has opened up deep wounds and sensitivities surrounding my own issues, but I have relished the challenge and found this to be utterly exhilarating and cathartic. What started out as a DIY approach to my own tinnitus has led me to create this sound therapy library, I hope it’s as helpful to others as it has been for me.”

Alongside Rupert, T-Minus has been developed by a team of hearing therapists, audiologists and ENT consultants. Audiologist and Hearing Therapist, Penny Stannard:

“Although there is no out and out cure for Tinnitus, T-Minus have tailored their music app to help those finding Tinnitus difficult. Making it more manageable. Using the latest research on tinnitus retraining, masking and the use of music and fractal tones, Rupert really has created a totally unique library of tinnitus therapy tracks. I will be recommending it to my own patients.”

What is it?

With T-Minus, users gain access to:

  • An incredible and unique T-Minus sound therapy library including thoughtful tinnitus specific music, broadband sounds, modulated sound and fractal tones specifically created for long term use.
  • Audio and masking controls to personalize the user’s sound experience.
  • Carefully designed frequencies tailored to combat the full range of tinnitus noises.
  • Daily provision of tinnitus related news and links, tips for managing tinnitus and inspirational quotes.
  • A curated FAQ’s section to answer the most common questions asked by new tinnitus sufferers. From the perspective of Audiologists and ENT consultants.
  • Access to a growing community of likeminded professionals – a definitive hub for accurate tinnitus resources providing invaluable information in the form of videos, recorded content and informative PDFs.
  • An easy to use and beautiful user interface, to make using the app a simple process, even for the less tech savvy.
  • An ever evolving, carefully curated list of app features and content, specifically for tinnitus sufferers.

How it works:

T-Minus’ progressive features allows users to:

  • Specifically tailor therapeutic sounds to individual taste, allowing users to blueprint the steps of their own treatment and quickly attain their goals.
  • Tinnitus Retraining, Masking, broadband, modulated and fractal tones all provided to offer the widest range of effective therapy options.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive FAQ’s page where those new to tinnitus will receive comfort and guidance through detailed explanations of the most commonly asked questions.
  • Receive daily affirmations, education through tinnitus and lifestyle tips and best ways to use the app via the app’s day to day section, which over time will develop into a full journal for users to record their progress

Whether your tinnitus is short-term or chronic, T-Minus is universal and for anyone affected by unwelcome symptoms. This app’s innovative technology could also help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia, albeit it is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.

Why is it different?

The first programme to allow users their very own personalised sound therapy via its extensive library of pre-recorded music and soundtracks. Personalisation is proven to be vital when implementing effective sound therapy on those struggling with tinnitus. A highly functional, dynamic tool-kit that offers effective, round-the-clock relief and help restore control in areas of life most affected by intrusive symptoms.

An evolving, regularly updated product, not only with empowering daily quotes and useful information, but with consistently new features to ensure it keeps up to date with user requirements. The T-Minus app will be available from Apple on January 17th. (Android version to follow soon)

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