TaiwanPlus and ARTE release “BPM ECSTASY: The Techno Wave Between Taipei and Beijing” docuseries

TaiwanPlus and ARTE, in partnership with ZORBA and Volos Films, present ‘BPM ECSTASY: The Techno Wave  Between Taipei and Beijing.’ This energetic four-episode docuseries by Director Olivier Richard takes a  captivating yet personal approach to exploring the underground techno scenes in both Taiwan and China,  following various DJs as they navigate and hunt for the key to reignite the community. ‘BPM ECSTASY premiered on TaiwanPlus Docs YouTube Channel on November 11, followed by its release on ARTE’s Channel.

‘BPM ECSTASY’ delves into the once-thriving techno communities of Taipei and Beijing, showing an intimate perspective on the subculture with a behind-the-scenes look at the state of DJ-ing in a post-pandemic world.  The series follows famous DJs such as SUNK, tamiX, Elvis. T, and many more, uncovering the shared history. 

This series serves to bridge unique subcultures while fostering a sense of international community. Michael  Yu, CEO of TaiwanPlus underscores this, stating: “Through our efforts with ARTE, we aim to celebrate  diversity, share stories, and promote a sense of togetherness that everyone can learn from.” ‘BPM ECSTASY’  is the first Taiwanese-French collaborative series of its kind, showcasing ZORBA and Volos Films’ filmmaking and storytelling talent.  

TaiwanPlus Producer David Kao emphasized that ‘BPM ECSTASY’ is a unique production that dives into the uncharted territories of the electronic music scene in Taiwan and China. “This project promises to provide  deep insights into the power of music, showcasing its ability to unify and bring people together.” 

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