Tantša holds 1st edition of electronic music festival in the resumption of events in São Paulo

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Under the curatorship and production of the partnership between the collective Tantša, entourage agency and the producer Radix, the 1st edition of tantša festival takes place on December 18, in the Anhembi Pavilion, in the north of São Paulo. In total there will be 14 performances at an event considered a true ritual, which have their DJs nicknamed Shamans, and the audience that constitutes a great tribe, or the gathering of all tribes.

The lineup with multiple sounds highlights the plurality of electronic music and its strands. In addition, the idea is to create a collaborative ecosystem that flourishes outside mass entertainment and as a way of welcoming the public to dgtl SP 2020, not realized because of the pandemic. All those with admission to the event will receive a credit for purchasing entry to the Tantša Festival. About 5,000 people are expected in the program composed of national and international names prominent in the electronic music scene. The performances will be divided into two stages, The Cave (Techno) and The Jack (House), in wide and ventilated environments, respecting the social distancing and occupation of only a third of its maximum capacity.

Names like Rebekah, Lady Starlight, Anthony Parasole, Daria Kolosova, Ananda, Martinelli, Kaiobarssalos are the attractions on the Techno Stage, and on the House Stage, include the lineup names like Ryan Elliott, L_Cio, DJ Hell, Spencer Parker, Ventura Profana, Red and Kenya20hz .

“The sound of the party is not for chatting, it is for dancing and making you sweat. After all, Tantša means Dance. Our proposal is a new beginning, a new era in the resumption of events. The goal is to welcome several audiences of the electronic scene and its aspects”, explains Marcelo Madueño – head of operations of entourage events and co-founder of Tantša.

The event will follow all protocols against COVID-19 stipulated by the Government of São Paulo for the economic recovery. For entry into the festival will be required the vaccination passport, or vaccination card, to prove receipt of the two doses, or the single dose.

As Madueño detailed, the party values the quality of service, experience and musical curatorship, “our focus is that the public has the best experience, quick lines both to enter the party and the bar, bathroom structure, furnished rest areas, and even a hammock for rest. There is also an affordable massage service of R$10 for 10 minutes.”

The Cave – Techno Stage
Lady Starlight (Live)
Anthony Parasole
Daria Kolosova
Martinelli (Live)

The Jack – House Stage
Ryan Elliott
L_cio (Live)
Dj Hell
Spencer Parker
Ventura Profana

Tantša Festival
Date: December 18, 2021
Time: From 20h to 9h
Adress: Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, in the north of São Paulo
@tantsamokha @entourage.br
Tickets: From R$ 90, half price (by donation of 1kg of non-perishable food or 1 book)

Ticket sales here.

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