TASCAM set to release the MASTER 424 Studio Cassette

The TASCAM MASTER 424 Studio Cassette is a limited release genuine high bias cobalt oxide cassette specifically engineered for outstanding output (4db louder than standard Type II cassettes), low distortion, and unmatched musical clarity when used with TASCAM Portastudio cassette recorders. Industry-leading specs like high coercivity for superior storage capacity and almost double the retentivity of standard cassette tapes for enhanced imaging of your recordings ensure your recordings will be higher-fidelity and stronger than ever. The tape formulation was engineered and tested specifically in recalibrated and restored vintage TASCAM Portastudio workstations.

The TASCAM Portastudio opened the door to home recording over 40 years ago and was the sound for thousands of albums over the decades, from Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska to DeWolff’s TASCAM Tapes. The TASCAM Portastudio’s legions of fans and users range from Wu-Tang Clan and Beck to Bootsy Collins, and the Beastie Boys. With vintage TASCAM Portastudios selling at a premium price on the used market, TASCAM is proud to provide the gold standard for the cassette medium for a limited time.

Whether you’re into the vintage modes of recording or not, it’s great to see new versions of technology that introduced music to millions. TASCAM has announced that the TASCAM 424 Studio Master High Bias Type II Cassette will release soon but will only be available in the USA. Find out more information on the TASCAM website.

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