Throwback Thursday with Trentemoller

Let me take you back to 2006. It’s October and for many, the music scene is in a bit of a creative lull. Minimal techno is the current bandwagon de jour; a seemingly mindless and never ending parade of the same Vengeance 909 drum samples and ‘rave’ stabs or quirky melodies. Step forward Anders Trentemoller, who, as an outsider to the imminent Scandinavian disco coup, would bring his unique and thoroughly exciting take on dance music and blow everyone out of the water. His essential mix moves from ambient through downtempo and dub to rock influenced uptempo dance and in doing so creates a wonderful tension and desire for more. I’d like to think that his contribution to dance music was kick starting a new scene taken up by 2manyDJs and the like, but I’m sure his intentions were less lofty.

In 2007, Trentemoller formed a live band and completely unshackled by public expectation continued along his musical path bushwhacking his way to success with debut release ‘The Last Resort’,‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’ (2010) and ‘Lost’ (2013).