Teenage Mutants – It’s a fast industry: one day you’re on top; one day you’re in Hell – like that guy who hates gay people from Lithuania… forgot his name…

While his name may evoke childhood memories, there’s nothing comic about his passion for music. Within the space of a few years, Teenage Mutants, the one-man show from Mainz (Germany), has established himself as a serious force in the deep house scene.

With his maiden release he achieved what many strive for during a whole career, namely a pole position in the heavily fought over Beatport deep house charts: ‘Hanging On’, a collaboration with OFF founder Andre Crom. Since then, Teenage Mutants has proven he’s no one trick pony, as releases on Suara, Stil vor Talent and more has cemented his position in the underground. 

Following the release of the Clash EP with Moonbootica in mid March, Kinky Malinki resident Grant Richards went to meet the man in person, and it soon became apparent there’s more to him than meets the eye…

Quite a lot of your recent releases have been collaborations, do you prefer the results you get from a more collaborative approach compared to just doing everything on your own?

It depends on the mood….the remixes I do are mostly not collaborations. If you see, I only do collaborations with friends – so I can also help them to increase their profile. We split the work 50/50 most of the time.

When you are doing a collaboration, what snacks are you bringing to the studio?

Most of the time we working on our own and sending the project back and forth. So it was a long time ago, when I had some friends here… but for sure, I would serve cold water and hot cigarettes!

I’ve noticed a UDG record bag (for those that don’t know UDG was the industry standard record bag back in the day) in some of your pics on your travels, it’s not just full of vinyl though, is it?

Not anymore. It is good for clothes and shoes and my DJ stuff (headphones, USB, Charger) I have so much vinyl at home maybe 5000 pieces…not only house, also 60s,70s,80s and Hip Hop.

You’ve had releases out on Suara, who love cats on their artwork, along with Bunny Tiger who have er, a Bunny Tiger on theirs. If you had a record label, what animal(s) would you have on your artwork, that isn’t the obvious one?

Haha! I would not be an animal! Maybe I’d have a record label, but you never know?


Talking of the obvious, I’m not going to ask you anything to do with small green shelled reptiles, but I will ask this: Would you prefer to be a teenager again, or a mutant and if it’s the latter, what mutant skills would you possess?

I miss my sweet 18’s ! I am know 27…so still fresh in the game. But sure tell me anyone who does not want to be younger again. You lose a lot of a problems then. Back to hotel – mama!

You’re social media is very much ‘business first’ apart from occasional selfies, underneath that serious façade, there’s a fun guy no doubt, what’s your favourite comedy film or show?

I am really bored of all the DJs posting funny things, pictures of purple disco balls or anything else on Facebook, just to get likes and more followers. My page is about my job, my passion and first of all my music (maybe my dog sometimes, cause she likes to be on Facebook) My favourite show is “King of Queens”.

In a previous interview you mention about certain artists who have gained No1 hits with a more crossover track and then go on to shun the musical style, which gave them the hit. Do you think that shows insecurities in the artists that do things like that? Not being comfortable with past releases.

Hmm good question. I mean l love to sample, but sampling in a cool and modern way. It is really easy for a good producer to sample an old 90’s or 80’s hit and build a house or techno track with it like a lot of those guys are doing, but that is really boring for me. I did it also 4 years ago 3-4 tracks, but then it gets boring and you wanna create something new.

Is there anything you’ve released in the past where you now look back and aren’t that happy with?

No never. I stand fully for my musical development!

I guess many of us DJ/artists are actually quite insecure if we are honest. Can I dig a little and ask whether you’re comfortable enough to let us know one of your concerns about you and the industry?

It’s a fast industry: one day you’re on top; one day you’re in Hell – like that guy who hates gay people from Lithuania… forgot his name…


The crazy festival and summer season is just round the corner, if you put on your very own Teenage Mutants festival and you had 2 stages, one for bands and live acts the other for DJs, which 5 acts would you stick on each stage?

Bands: Queen, Guns n Roses, Imagination, Kool & The Gang, Boney M
DJ: Daft Punk, DJ Falcon, Breakbot, Busy P, Myself

Of all the gigs you’ve got ahead of you this summer, are there any in particular that you are really looking forward to and why?

Yeah! The love family park in my hometown by Sven Vath. Champions league!

I see you’re a Gin drinker, what particular brand do you ask for on your rider or aren’t you fussy? If you’ve not had it before try Monkey 47, it’s an amazing Gin.

Monkey is my favourite!

All this Gin talk has got me thirsty, I think I need a drink, thanks for chatting to us at Decoded. We wish you every success over the Summer and beyond. Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Peach! haha.

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