DJ PP and Jack Mood revive Tee’s Church for 2016

Artist : Todd Terry & Roland Clark
Title : Tee’s Church (DJ PP & Jack Mood Remix)
Label : Phoenix Music
Release : Out Now exclusively on Traxsource
Genre: House

Last year house music legends Todd Terry and Roland Clark collaborated in making an absolute house bomb, fusing the house release with UK garage vibes, bringing just a smooth happy feel to ears and mind.

This year’s remix of Tee’s Church is yet another collab between 2 renowned artists who have got the right knowledge and skills to turn a gold record to a shinny diamond for the dance floor.

DJ PP aka Gabriel Rocha and Jack Mood’s remix of the Tee’s Church track bring just that uplifting vibe ready for celebrating summer and who does not love rhythmic percussions and dubby flows when the sun just brings a smile upon your face!

Earlier this month the duo of PP and Jack Mood also remixed Robbie Rivera’s The Game, featuring another recognisable but joyful pumping track with a bit more techier sound than Tee’s church, but still presenting a fine perfect blended remix with no disrespect to its original.

It’s going to be a wild groovy summer that’s for sure!

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