Tesla builds a DAW into dashboard in its recent software update

Let’s face it, there probably aren’t many people that would condone producing while driving, but if you have a particularly talented passenger, Tesla’s new music-making app could make a long drive a lot more interesting! Trax has been introduced into the newest software update from Tesla, which became available just before Christmas.

Trax v0.1 allows users to add channels of instruments and play them with an on-screen MIDI keyboard. With an interface that some may liken to Logic Pro X or Garageband, users can visually arrange and sequence to create entire tracks. We don’t yet know whether it’s possible to effects or how many channels can be created within the DAW. However, Tesla has said in the release notes that users can “adjust the tempo and record multiple tracks to start creating original music right in your car. Once you are done, SAVE your music and LOAD it for future playback”.

In the video below, YouTube Channel Tesla Tube provides some insight into what we can expect. Note that the channels are comprised of a TR-808, Saw Wave and Synth Bass, plus a menu full of different instruments including wind instruments, guitars, bass and more. So if you are lucky enough to own a Telsa and you have a few minutes when you are not driving, give it a go…

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