That Special Record is Giving Away Free Vinyl LPs

That Special Record, a vinyl record membership club for underground electronic music collectors & selectors, is relaunching its website and introducing a new and cheaper monthly plan which includes 1 surprise limited edition LP picked by That Special Record and mailed directly to its members once per month. That Special Record is giving away free vinyl LP records to anyone who follows their Instagram page and follows the rules there.

“Who doesn’t love vinyl? Who doesn’t love free stuff? To celebrate the soft relaunch of our website, That Special Record will be giving away one different vinyl LP from our That Special Record archive for the next two weeks – a bit of everything from a Steve Roach ambient LP to Healing Force Project’s latest jazz-inspired techno LP.” – Miguel Ferreira (Founder)

That Special Record has 60% of its members based in EU countries, but has members all over the World from Australia to USA. Members receive a surprise package, once per month, introducing them to independent artists and record labels, and with most records strictly limited pressings. Membership Plans starting at 23€/month, and two membership options are available: 2 records / month pack which includes 1 LP + 1 Ep or a new monthly pack that includes 1 vinyl LP.

About That Special Record

That Special Record is a monthly vinyl record membership club specialising in outsider and underground house, techno and ambient music. Members receive a surprise package, once per month, filled with limited edition records that are carefully handpicked after members complete a short music tastes survey. Members can pick if they prefer to receive a 2 records /month pack (1LP + EP) or a 1 LP / month pack. For more info, please check here.