The all in one turntable on kickstarter

Gathering vinyl enthusiasts, HYM group started out taking customized orders to press records for indie musicians worldwide. From 2015, the group collaborated with Universal Music Group, in responsible for production, promotion and distribution of vinyl records.

This is the first hardware product for HYM group. Led by award-winning industrial designer, the team partnered with high-end audio engineer label, Jasmine Audio, who had decades of experiences in developing turntable-related products, to release Seed, the all-in-one turntable system in 2017.

70W power, excellent fidelity and wireless connection, Seed is the world’s first all-in-one, multifunction turntable system that integrates perfect sound quality, high output, and digital streaming at once. With exclusive suspension system, Seed overcomes vibration disturbance from the speaker, and maintains great and consistent performance. It is a compact solution that combines high-end audio engineering and turntable design, analog and digital, all in one complete setup.

Seed is launching its Kickstarter campaign on May 16th, 2017, with limited Super Early Bird at $379 USD (retail $735 USD) and global shipping scheduled in August 2017.

Exclusive Suspension – Tri-point suspension absorbs vibration from the speaker, holds the platter and tonearm steady and maintains high sound performance.
Vibration Test Vid:
Turntable Calibration – Applying eccentric counterweight anti-skate, meticulous tuning of the tonearm to ensure its stability, and reading music accurately.
High-End Audio system – 1” silk tweeter, 4” woofer driver, with 70W output.
Multifunction – Wifi, Bluetoothe and web-streaming. APP activation and tone control.

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