A Feature Documentary Film about Acid House – the birth of Rave Culture crowd fundraising appeal

The late 1980’s in the UK saw the birth of a new youth culture – they called it Acid House. Driven by a media hate campaign, the British Government acted against it by pushing a bill through Parliament that would outlaw the illegal Acid House parties and by spending millions funding a special Police Unit, whose sole purpose was to crush this new movement. Featuring unique archive film from the time and interviews with the world’s top DJs, THEY CALL IT ACID is the definitive document of the Acid House era and a universal story that will interest any film lover.

THEY CALL IT ACID is a completed feature documentary film. Through Indiegogo crowd-funding campaigns, They Call it Acid Ltd intends to raise the funds to pay for the clearances necessary to release it by pre-selling DVDs, if the target isn’t reached your money will be returned.

They Call it Acid Crowdfunding Promo

They Call it Acid has been in production since 1998 – it is now complete. The film has been shown at film festivals around the world and has received critical acclaim, being nominated for the British Independent Film Awards. So far the film has been totally self-financed by producer / director Gordon Mason plus many years of labour by a devoted team, some of whom have deferred their payments until the film’s release. Through this Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign we intend to raise the funds needed to pay for these deferments, plus the legal fees, music rights and archive clearances, necessary to release the film to the general public, initially in Europe on DVD / Blu-ray.

None of the initial targeted funds raised will be used to repay the producer’s personal investment or taken out as profits until the target has been met.

Gordon Mason ACE is an award winning Producer / Director, this is his first feature documentary. He has edited many feature docs including the Emmy award winning film Jimi Hendrix – ‘Hear My Train a Comin’.

By pre-selling approx. 8000 DVDs / Blu-rays to the European market we can raise £126,500, this is sufficient to pay for the clearances, manufacture, package and deliver the DVDs to their destination, all within approximately 3 months of the end of the crowd-funding appeal. Other perks such as T-shirts designed in conjunction with Your Own clothing (the guys behind Gio Goi), posters designed by Dave Little (the guy who did the original Spectrum flyer and Balearic Beats album covers) and tickets to a London launch party featuring DJs from the film are also on offer. If we don’t reach our entire goal, your funds will be returned to you.k5xwak0gfgv1gzuhfgdg





If you want to see THEY CALL IT ACID released then please contribute to this campaign and help to see both an entertaining film and a valuable social document reach the public it deserves.

If you have a relevant social media group, email list or indeed any friends or family that might be interested then please help by sharing this link with them, without these essential funds this important film will not be released.


Please note that this campaign is currently open only to residents of The European Union and no DVDs can be dispatched to countries outside of this region. Once this target has been met then a parallel campaign will be launched to raise the funds to release the film worldwide, which means that it will be available on download and in cinemas also, so if you do live outside of Europe then please contact us through theycallitacid.com and we’ll notify you of how and when you can take part.


September 1st 2015

The Indiegogo campaign for European wide DVD distribution will commence with a fixed target of £126,500. This will run for 60 days..

November 1st 2015

By 1st November if the European campaign has been successful then we will start the process of music clearance, which will be complete within 12 weeks.

December 1st 2015

Payments received from Indiegogo for the European campaign.

Clearances for the television rights holders and other archive film, stills and Newspaper headlines will be paid.

January 1st 2016

Clearances for the music rights will be paid, as will music supervision and other remaining suppliers.

DVDs will be ordered.

T Shirts will be ordered.

Posters will be ordered.

January 29th

Launch party in London featuring DJs from the film.

February 2016

All orders will be fulfilled and dispatched by a team of dedicated packers.

To find out more, head to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/they-call-it-acid-european-dvd#/story

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