The Chemical Brothers drop a new Psychetronik Mix

Photo credit: Hamish Brown

The Chemical Brothers’ new Psychetronik Mix – available on Radio Chemical, an exclusive station curated by The Chemical Brothers on Sonos Radio HD

The Psychetronik Mix is their second offering available on the Sonos in-app and Sonos archives on Mixcloud .

The Chemical Brothers said:

“The “psychetronik mix “ is a self defined genre, the point where musique concrete and psychedelic rock mix, where serious academic electronic composition merges with a more  human sensibility. It features legends such as Delia Derbyshire, Pierre Henry and Morton Subtonik as well as many other pioneers at the frontiers of sound. Many of these records were discovered on tour, hunting through dusty record crates for a sleeve with an interesting equipment list or an intriguing description or a familiar name such as Tom Oberheim. Some found closer to home at record shops around the Portobello Road in West London. We hope you enjoy the journey into sound.”

“We’re excited to bring you a selection of some of our favourite music – a deep dig into our record collections. hopefully there will be something there for you whatever time of day you’re tuning in. keep listening for exclusive DJ mixes that will explore some of our musical passions.”

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