The creative mind of Oliver Schories returns with his eagerly anticipated album ‘Blitzbahn’

Artist: Oliver Schories
Title: Blitzbahn LP
Label: SOSO
Release date: 2nd March 2018
Genre: Deep House

The creative mind of Oliver Schories returns this March with his eagerly anticipated album ‘Blitzbahn’, releasing on his own renowned imprint SOSO. Following on from his previous 4 albums, including 2 on SOSO, we already know what we can expect. Roaring synths, deep thought provoking melodies and thick, gritty drums, just how we like them! The album consists of 13 incredible tracks, neatly threading elements of each together like a fine silk turned into sound. To say the German was a master at what he does would be an understatement, to say the least, and this album once again proves why he is at the absolute top of his game.

The album gets underway with the deep ‘Fekir’. A clever use of white noise makes a nice background layer whilst the melody gradually grows off the plucky bassline. The track gets progressively energised as each layer develops. ‘Cobra’ makes great use of ad-libbed vocals, turning them into a stretched pad like sound which glides beautifully throughout the tranquil chords.

‘Relief’ takes us on a mind-bending journey of synthesis which truly demonstrates Oliver’s creative side. The blend of progressive techno and deep melodies are captivating, to say the least. A delightful arpeggio which is wrapped in a blanket of warm reverb really caught our attention in ‘Serum’. The gritty Moog bass, the thick 808’s, the bright plucks, everything comes together to formulate a top class track here.

‘Nimbus’ is one of those tracks that seriously sends a shiver down your spine. The sound design is outstanding on this track and it’s absolutely stunning what Oliver can do with a simple 4 note bass line which builds into pure excitement! ‘Ivre’ features drums with a softer touch whilst still generating that aggressive power through the hefty saw waves. The oscillators grinding against each other conjure an unbelievable sound.

The mystical melodies of ‘Tagada’ take us on a journey into the beyond. Detuned synths, reverberated vocals and atmospheric pads combine together to make an absolute monster of a track. The 7th note chords of ‘Kondor’ give off an old school house style vibe whilst modern techniques and Oliver’s creative genius combine to bring us a tranquil hit.

‘Ohm’ gives us a taste of Oliver’s more minimal side whilst still holding onto that signature sound which easily draws in the listener. ‘Magnolia’ is filled with stunning frequencies that fill the air with illustrious vibes, we just can’t get enough! ‘Rummel’ feels a little more upbeat than we have heard previously, with Oliver delving into the uplifting trance major chords can induce.

‘Primer’ certainly has the ingredients to prime us for the weekend ahead. Optimal energy is produced throughout the layers and a cool pitched vocal adds a twist of more commercial deep house, whilst still keeping that gripping underground vibe. We finish up our adventure on ‘Yougan’, a track which is expertly placed to finish off this album with an amazing ability to develop emotion. It is clear that Oliver has poured emotion and passion into this album and we loved every last second.

01. Fakir
02. Cobra
03. Relief
04. Serum
05. Nimbus
06. Ivre
07. Tagada
08. Kondor
09. Ohm
10. Magnolia
11. Rummel
12. Primer
13. Yougan

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