The DJ Game

An anonymous, sworn to secrecy, panel of longstanding dance music professionals, met up covertly in the back room of one the shadiest clubs you will ever find. Their purpose? To put together the first ever DJ Game! 

Nodding to nostalgia, The DJ Game is a loose interpretation of the iconic game, trumps and features 42 of the world’s top house and techno DJs. With a heady mix of loosely factual trivia and 6 slightly less factual scoring categories including ‘Hair Game’ and ‘After Party Powers’, this twist on a classic game edges towards tongue in cheek. Alongside lots of other irreverent information, find out who has the best ‘DJ Box Dance Moves’ and if anyone disagrees, please remember – it’s all just for fun! 

In addition to being an outlet for a little bit of fun, The DJ Game is also raising money for charity. £1 of every pack sold goes directly to the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation. Since 2010, the UK registered charity has mobilised the dance music community to raise awareness and money for numerous campaigns to help children in crisis all over the world.  

Clean, compact design and pop art tinged illustration ensure The DJ Game is equally at home on a coffee table, in a back pocket, stockings or hand luggage! The perfect gift for DJs or anyone who loves clubs or festivals.

The DJ Game is available now to buy online at: Price: £11.95 + p&p Made in the UK, shipped worldwide via Royal Mail

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Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.