THE DROP announces official launch parties in Sydney and Brisbane

It’s not everyday an old friend Kris Swales writes a book, let alone announces two launch parties in Australia. On our 2020 readers list, I was able to kick back with a few wines and read Kris’s work, sadly though, I am in London to celebrate with him. Grab a few drinks and land yourself a copy of The Drop here These will be book launches with a difference – the respective DJ line-ups will be dropping selections of the 100+ classic tracks name dropped through its pages, and the readings selected will correspond with when some of those tracks feature in The Drop.

BRISBANESaturday Feb 20, 2-6pm
echo&bounce, Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley
DJs: Fergus Alexander, Cosmo Cater, Scott Walker
+ Live-streamed via The QUIVR.

Saturday Feb 27, 3-6pm
Cottonmouth Records, 182 Enmore Rd, Enmore
DJs: Andrew Wowk, Damian Wheeler, Timmy T

The Drop

Earth’s population confined indoors. Virtual gigs and festivals the only form of entertainment. And a  multinational company with control of supply lines, streaming and technology profiting from it all.  

When the coronavirus closed the planet down in March 2020, Kris Swales had seen it all before – and had started writing about it in August 2018 in what became his debut novel The Drop.  

The journey began in 2013 when he wrote a blog post entitled “Is EDM Just A New Form of MK Ultra Mind Control”. It went on to become the third-most read piece in the history of  and is cited as a touchstone by the EDM/MK-Ultra conspiracy theory movement to this day.  

Seven years later comes The Drop, which started as a love-letter to the electronic dance music scene  he loved but spiralled into a satirical takedown of technology addiction, the corporate takeover of  popular culture and mankind’s steadfast determination to destroy our planet. Think “Ready Player  One and The Matrix going clubbing in the Black Mirror universe” and you’re on the right track. 

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign (109% funded and more than 100 advance print copies  sold), The Drop drops on November 16.  


Since a mysterious weather event in 2025 engulfed the outside world in fire storms, veteran DJ Juanita has become the headline ‘Virtuoso’ for Love Buzz, a 24/7 virtual music festival beamed directly into survivors’ headsets. For Juanita, trapped inside her Sydney apartment and addled by isolation and addiction, the show must go on … and on and on. 

Three years after The Storm sets in, the most powerful man in this new world, multimedia mogul Matthias “Tito” van Dijk, arrives in Sydney for Love Buzz 1000 with plans to overhaul the non stop party that unites a broken planet. 

With Juanita’s teenage fan, aspiring Virtuoso Kai, and his twin, Toca, shadowing her every move, the world’s biggest star is drawn into a mysterious underground resistance movement: where drones hunt down dissidents, DJs become heroes, and Juanita learns that everything she believes is a lie. 


Kris Swales is an Australian writer and lapsed musician who works as a homepage editor at The  Australian Financial Review. He was the final editor of Sydney’s weekly dance music bible 3D World,  wrote extensively for Inthemix, and has performed at events such as the Big Day Out, Earthcore,  Parklife and Future Music Festival. The Drop is his first novel. Read an extract from The Drop here.

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Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.