Ever wanted a levitating Turntable?

While a casual listener is able to quench their audio thirst with the countless digital platforms and accessories that come at dirt cheap prices, a serious audiophile turns to gadgets that do the audio its full justice. Yes, this is made for a hardcore audiophile.

Jimin Hwang and Jihyo Seo from Seoul Korea have taken the classic turntable design and given it a modern twist that’s made for a geek music lovers den. The duo likes to call it the LEVI, a levitating turntable that wears the Harman Kardon branding. The unique concept design exemplifies the levitating nature of the platter actuated by the electromagnetic drive and coils. This enhances the experience of listening to vinyl records, giving audiophiles a new unprecedented high.

That floating aesthetic is perfectly matched with the pure white base of the turntable and the swappable tonearms in cool colors. To provide an aesthetic contrast – the weighted pendulum, cartridge, and mode toggle buttons do their desired bit. Coming back to the levitating aesthetic of the turntable – it’s further highlighted by the four-mode settings (soothing, refreshing, sweet, and bittersweet) giving it a whole new visual appeal. Depending on the mode chosen, the platter moves up and down with the rhythmic music notes. To change the record playing speed to 12 rpm or 17 rpm, the turntable has a chick dial. It goes without saying that Harman Kardon would be proud of this turntable design, and would want to emulate the blueprint for one of their speaker designs or even better, make a turntable on the same lines.

Designer: Jimin Hwang and Jihyo Seo

Credit: Yanko Design