The first official music video for The Toxic Avenger’s album “Midnight Resistance”

The first official music video for The Toxic Avenger’s album “Midnight Resistance”, on the track “Lies”. feat. the English genius “Look Mum no Computer” is out now. Without doubt one of the best electronica video of the year, as much on the quality of the image, the performance of the dancers as on the means of production (more than 25 people on the two days of filming in Ukraine).

The choreography is completely crazy, unstructured and fits perfectly to the Electro Pop song of Toxic Avenger.It is Kitsuney a former close collaborator of Michel Gondry, who went to tour in UKRAINE last July.  She filmed with her usual team of twelve dancers in an Urbex, a former Soviet official newspaper printing press.

Choreography : Konstantin Koval, 31 year. World Of Dance (Berlin) Winner Choreographed for: Oh Wonder, “Tancy” on TNT, Empire of The Sun, Guinness, Citroen,  HP, Yellow Tail, Gojek, EDF, M1 music awards, Dancing With The Stars, Michelle Andrade,  Max Barskih, Vera Brezhneva, .. 

« Actually the reason of picking dancers is simple :) With most of them I worked so many  times, so we feel each other very well, they understand what I want right in the moment  and they have an ability to do everything I want. And the approach is also simple :) My goal was to create different independent scenes with different energy and characters  to connect them in one big balanced and complete structure:) 

Director : Kitsuney  

Based in Paris, she spent years in the music video service at Partizan Midi-Minuit with  directors such as Michel Gondry, Jan Kounen etc, or in the production of commercials.  She has also produced / directed concert recordings of artist Woodkid. She produced and  is the production director of the feature film “Sam was Here” directed by Christophe Deroo. 

“At first I had a completely different idea but I’ve always loved dancing and really wanted to  make a dance clip. Having worked in Ukraine for a few years, I liked the challenge of  filming on location, with local teams. Because every time we leave, we leave with our  teams and don’t really put local talent into A to Z. 

It was after filming an advertising film that I set up this project with Nikita Bukowski. He  was able to accompany me artistically by setting up the team for this film (from the  assistant director, to the choreographer and cinematographer). Regarding the approach to the clip, I admit that I worked more with Konstantin’s feeling  and sensitivity. To take a picture by setting approach, and to tie everything together  through choreography. Most importantly, I wanted each dancer to be able to express  their style and have fun! After so long without filming I think it was cool to do a “chill”  shoot.