The Glitz get the remix treatment by Yousef, Agaric, DJ Pierre, ZDS and Italoboyz over five superb releases

Artist: The Glitz
Title: No Drama – The Remixes Pt. 1-5
Label: Voltage Musique Records
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Tech House, Electronica, Deep House

We have arrived at the 5th and final part of the album remix project from The Glitz. It has been an intense ride showcasing the wide variety of electronic music. The original tracks of their album ‘NO DRAMA’ (2015) has gotten a make-over from a huge selection of artists resulting in this many-faceted project. Through being released in several parts, the listener is given the opportunity to focus on the tracks section wise.

In the first part, no other than Circus label boss Yousef kicks off the release with his interpretation of ‘Nice Guys’. He transforms the track fitting his own style into a percussive little monster with a massively addictive-making groove. Swedish producer Agaric turns ‘Rescue’ into a deep and slightly hypnotic version of itself, skillfully incorporating original elements in a self-made frame of synth and bassline. The last remix in the first part is by Helms and Commander Love, both known for slow and heavily electronica-inspired music. Enchanting, catchy and strange the slow jamming track sneaks its way forward with a fascinating sound specter.

The second remix part serves us tracks by house legend DJ Pierre and Detroit “deep-house soldier” Rick Wade. DJ Pierre remixes one of the biggest hits of the original album, ‘Dirty Bride’, and serves us a proper dance floor tune filled with funky elements creating a highly energetic vibe. The last track of the album was called ‘Yes Karma’ and featured a classic pianist, and Rick Wade has made two versions of this impressive melodic piece. His ‘Rick Wade Groove Chamber Remix’ indicates that the main focus lies on the groove, and is a beautifully balanced housey tune. ‘The Rick Wade Chamber Remix’ attenuates the groove and lets melody come to the forefront to play.

Italoboyz seems like a natural addition to the project after The Glitz’s seducing remix for their track ‘Don’t Talk’ a while back. A bouncy groove underlines their remix of the track ‘Raise Your Voice’ featuring US singer I Am Halo, a deep and smooth interpretation that indicates the mood of pt. 03. Norwegian duo Of Norway put their hands on the other track with vocals by I Am Halo, and ‘Rearrange The World (Of Norway Version)’ is a unique travel into the landscape of these guys. Electronica is the key word but the tune still embodies a deep and alluring feeling. The energy level is taken up a notch with Smash TV’s remix of ‘Steady Nerves’. A hip, fun and rolling bassline works together with weird sounds and elements from the original in a track reflecting their characteristic high-spirited image.

From fun and upbeat we move into a dirtier sound in the fourth part, where we meet the remixers ZDS, David Keno and Bruno Furlan. ZDS (Zombie Disco Squad) is known for his merciless and straight out naughty beats tearing up the dance floors, and this is exactly what we get in his remix of ‘Twisted’. David Keno turns ‘Snowmaker’ into a proper tech house beast carrying massive momentum in its solid bassline. The Brazilian artist Bruno Furlan’s remix of ‘Heutelieberja’ is a bouncy and funky tune delivering a rolling groove and so summing up part four as a part with a bit of an attitude.

The last part of the project turns again in another direction. German electronic music icon Hans Nieswandt discos up ‘No Drama’ with an underlining bass story being told in cooperation with uplifting and spirited musical sounds. This is followed up by Kidmammoth’s remix of ‘Friends’, a track that captures its listeners and takes them into their own soundscape. Being a newcomer in electronic music, the South African delivers an impressive piece that makes a great promise of more to come. Finishing up the entire “NO DRAMA” remix package is The Micronaut’s remix of Sugar To The Milk, a strong electronica piece showcases his style and passion being one of the most multilayered and talented one-man-show electronica artists of today. All in all this collection of remixes dives into almost every genre there is in electronic music, giving a wide selection of tracks that captivates the listener and brings something special for every moment.

01. Nice Guys – Yousef Circus Rework
02. Rescue – Agaric Remix
03. Burgerrights – Helms & Commander Love Remix
04. Dirty Bride – DJ Pierre Remix
05. Yes Karma – Rick Wade Groove Chamber Remix
06. Yes Karma – Rick Wade Chamber Remix
07. Raise Your Voice – Italoboyz Remix
08. Rearrange The World – Of Norway Version
09. Steady Nerves – Smash TV Remix
10. Twisted – ZDS Remix
11. Snowmaker – David Keno Remix
12. Heutelieberja – Bruno Furlan Remix
13. No Drama – Hans Nieswandt Remix
14. Friends – Kidmammoth Remix
15. Sugar To The Milk – Micronaut Remix

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