The Groove Collection invites Decoded Magazine to Amsterdam Dance Event with Olivier Weiter and Miss Melera

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres.

The ADE Festival features 300 events and 2,000 DJ’s over five days in 80 clubs and venues, which together combine to make Amsterdam one of the busiest and most inspiring clubbing cities in the world. The program features the biggest artists on the planet alongside fresh, upcoming talent and everything in between. Every year the ADE Festival attracts 350,000 festival visitors from around the globe and is truly the biggest international club festival covering the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres.

In 2014 Decoded Magazine teamed up with C-Jay to host the official closing party with headline acts Darin Epsilon and Jaydee, this year we are bringing you a bigger and better show with Holland’s premier DJ agency The Groove Collection to bring a climatic end to dance music’s must do conferences at on of Amsterdam’s most iconic underground clubs, Club NL.

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Olivier Weiter

Olivier Weiter
While deeply rooted in Amsterdam’s obscure house scene, Olivier Weiter has grown to become more than an established name in the broader Dutch nightlife. His performances at events such as TimeWarp NL, Welcome to the Future, and his support for the legendary Sven Väth at Concertgebouw were highly anticipated, leaving Weiter’s impression on his followers amped for more Weiter shows.

You can enjoy his interview and guest mix with Decoded Magazine here

Miss Melera

For the past decade, the Amsterdam based Miss Melera has been perfecting her art and developing mixing skills. She’s done her homework, absorbing the essence behind traditional genres such as deep, tech house and techno and then twisting them into a melodic confection that is both fresh timeless and completely her own.

Jerry Van Schie

Jerry Van Schie
Experienced is the word that comes to mind when you think about Jerry. He bought his first 12” at the age of 13. Experimenting with 1 turntable and a cassette player he was soon making his first mixes in his bedroom for the next couple of years. After DJing for over 10 years he launched a website/forum called The Groove Collection, named after the mixtapes and later on cd’s that thousands of people had enjoyed over the years. In 2011 he started another company. The only thing missing at Groove Collection was a DJ agency. Groovecollection Bookings is an international operating bookings agency for DJs and producers.

Jaap Ligthart

Jaaps‘ parents failed miserably at one thing, music. Years and years exposed to horrifying (Dutch language) music, poor Jaap discovers electronic music years later… Nowadays the world is getting to know his music. His productions (original tracks, remixes, bootlegs) played relentlessly by the progressive elite. From artists like Sasha, John Digweed and Dave Seaman are big fans, and his latest productions have featured in their sets across the globe.

Pell & Preda

Amsterdam based production and DJ duo of Damion Pell & Alex Preda with a deep affinity for techno, progressive and house music. Damion Pell is the Editor of the global underground electronic website Decoded Magazine; DJ and promoter for over 20 years. Alex an accomplished artist and DJ with releases on strong imprints such as Manual Music, while his presence in the genre has grown tremendously and his releases are supported by many high profile names.

Soulfinder Soulfinder2-450x281
Soulfinder‘s style of production is a space of time and sound. It should flow through genre,metre and mood, heightening and lowering your anaesthetised senses.Yet it should never awake them, only aid them to remain in their dream like state,happy in their own remote existence.

Sezer Uysal

sezer uysal
Artists across the creative realm frequently lament the difficulty of putting thoughts onto paper. In electronic dance music, it’s the producers who battle the hardships of making the creativity of mind materialise on a computer screen. For Sezer Uysal, finding the right touch is more instinctual than voluntary. With half a dozen remixes and original productions reaching Beatport’s coveted Top 100 Progressive House, Tech House, and Deep House charts, his ability in the studio has garnered attention from some of the most renowned titans of the industry.