The Lewitt CONNECT 6 USB-C audio interface provides game changing flexibility for producers and content creators

The Lewitt CONNECT 6 is a sleek and modern-looking USB-C audio interface designed for producers, content creators and people who require a versatile audio platform. With extensive digital and analogue connections and the ability to integrate any USB device, the CONNECT 6 provides a wide variety of connectivity combined with pristine audio quality. CONNECT 6 extends the usability of an audio interface beyond basic recording functionalities, so you have them when you need them.

Onboard hardware digital signal processing (DSP) retains immaculate sound quality and provides zero latency, working independently of any connected device. The DSP precision effects help you shape your sound to the finest detail and minimise the need for audio post-processing.

Auto-setup assists you in finding the right settings for you automatically and Control Center contributes a mixer with A and B preset settings, three virtual stereo channels, loopback mode and individual audio routing. The Connect 6 has an Aux and two XLR line inputs. A portable and versatile audio interface, the Lewitt Connect 6 is a DSP-powered Audio workhorse.

Key features:
– Dual USB-C audio interface for creators and musicians
– Extensive analogue and digital connectivity
– Studio-grade preamps with 72 dB gain and -133 dBV EIN
– Auto Setup for voice, vocals, and instruments
– Zero-latency DSP effects included
– Easy routing, mixing, and loopback
– Made for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android

The CONNECT 6 retails at £259. Found out more and buy HERE.

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