The Midique KNTRL9 MIDI controller

A few years ago the man behind this stunning looking MIDI controller quit his job as a web developer… 1.5 years on and he can now share with you the KNTRL9, as a Kickstarter project. The KNTRL9 is a boutique MIDI mixer with 9 x 60mm faders, 18 x stainless rotary knobs and 9 x full-colour LEDs, and let’s be honest, looks rather sleek. It’s not made from plastics like many of the controllers out there, which for the money, often look cheap. It is instead made from durable materials including hardwood and metals.


  • 18 rotary knobs
  • 9 60mm faders
  • 9 full-colour RGB LEDs
  • Full Ableton Live integration
  • High fader and rotary knob precision (10 bits/1024 steps)
  • Full MIDI compatibility (works with any DAW)
  • USB powered (cable included)
  • Easily change track assignment in Ableton Live
  • Made from durable materials
  • Compact (25 x 20 x 2,7 cm, or 25 x 20 x 4,2 cm with knobs)

The KNTRL9 is designed to be sturdy and simplistic in use so that it does not take away from your performance as an artist. The ideology behind it is that when you’re using a MIDI controller for a live set you need to immediately know which knob is for what control, without thinking or diving through menus on the controller; there simply is no time for that when playing live. The device also works rather well in the studio…

The KNTRL9 is over on Kickstarter and you can find out more and support here.

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