The Prodigy announce feature length music documentary

Global content studio Pulse Films has today announced it will produce the first ever feature-length music documentary on The Prodigy provisionally entitled ‘THE PRODIGY’.

Directed by multi-Grammy nominated Paul Dugdale and written alongside Sam Bridger, the film tells the raw, uncompromising and emotional story of a gang of young outlaws from Essex who came together in the vortex of the late 80s UK rave scene. Creating a band that set out on an unapologetic, anarchic and single-minded mission; being the twisted voice of the rave generation.

Then, The Prodigy did the unthinkable; they broke into the USA album charts at number 1 and became the face of electronic music for the MTV generation overnight. They quickly started to tear up radio waves and live stages in countries all over the world.Success, worldwide fame, fortune, addiction, fighting and chaos almost tore them apart, but The Prodigy never stopped dragging mainstream culture into their underworld and raising a global army of warrior fans that have stayed with them at every turn. Their friendship, perseverance and integrity kept them going until Keith Flint’s tragic passing in March 2019.

“We are making a band documentary film…so fukin what??” Maxim and Howlett says in a joint statement. “After the devastating passing of our brother Keef in 2019, the time feels right for us to tell the story of our band, all of it, the whole 9 … It’s a story of the chaotic and troubled journey of our gang, our band, the peoples band — The Prodigy. Or simply — a story of brothers on a mission to make noise…to ignite the peoples souls and blow-up sound systems worldwide…that’s fukin what! This film will be made with the same integrity that our music is — uncompromising, raw and honest…This one’s for Keef!”

The film will be produced by Pulse Films, the company behind such high caliber music-focused films as Beyoncé’s Lemonade, LCD Soundystem’s Shut Up And Play The Hits and Nick Cave’s 20,000 Days On Earth. Pulse Films’ Thomas Benski, Marisa Clifford and Sam Bridger will produce with Howlett, Maxim and band co-manager John Fairs in the role of executive producer.

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