The Soundgarden with Nick Warren returns to Salina’s Ibiza

The Soundgarden will open their Ibiza season on May the 23rd in the beautiful gardens of Boutique Hostal Salinas, within the Salinas nature reserve, which became their home on the island last summer.

Behind the decks will be The Soundgarden’s head honcho Nick Warren, Burning Man’s very own Marymoon, Andy Woods from London (part of QUARTZ) & our Ibiza favourite Gustin. It’ll be a sunset party, running from 5pm till midnight with a cocktail bar and a BBQ. To reflect the eclectic nature of The Soundgarden, we start things off with more chilled ambient sounds and then head to proper knees-up territory with dancing under the stars as the evening goes on.

Nick Warren says: “This is the 3rd season of The Soundgarden in Ibiza and we are so excited to be back in Salinas. The outdoors sunset parties have a true Ibiza vibe to me – dancing barefoot in the grass with the wind from the sea in your hair.”

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