The Stranger Things 3 soundtrack is another ’80s synth fest composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein

Composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the band SURVIVE, the dreamy synth soundtrack to Netflix’s Stranger Things has helped to set the tone of the ‘80s-set show, and the score for the forthcoming third season sounds like another electronic trip down memory lane.

Featuring 41 tracks, the Stranger Things 3 soundtracks veers from the atmospheric to the eerie and ominous, and fans will doubtless be picking through its song titles for clues as to what might be set to unfold when the smash hit sci-fi yarn returns on 4 July.

In a statement, Dixon and Stein said: “With the season three soundtrack, we’ve made an album that doesn’t feel like a ‘score’ necessarily, but one that feels more like a stand-alone record than a collection of brief cues.

“We’ve incorporated the main narrative elements of the series and stayed true to the original sound while at the same time expanding on our musical palette – we often pushed it to the limit.”

You can listen to the Stranger Things 3 soundtrack now on your streaming platform of choice.


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