Violent Blondes – there are not enough females out there truly enjoying techno

Life long friends, the Violent Blondes, were struck with love and a wild passion for techno whilst growing up partying and throwing their own music events in London. It wasn’t long before they were DJing and producing techno, tech and deep house of their own, and now they are on an unstoppable quest to inject their version of twisted glamour into the world of electronic music. London is not just their home, but their playground and main musical arena, as well as being their raw source for production inspiration, with their influences running deep into their pasts in the city. The Violent Blondes music style is versatile in terms of their ability to transition between day parties to nightclubs to festivals, it’s needless to say the girls are earning themselves a reputation for their emotionally evocative, epic and powerful performances.

The duo’s success has gone from strength to strength since performing at We Are FSTVL in May 2014 with Annabel and Nicola being constantly in demand by world-renowned venues and brands, supporting globally recognised artists such as Renato Ratier, Burnski and Reset Robot. 2015 is set to be a game-changing year for Violent Blondes as they make their international mark and prepare to take the world’s techno capital by storm in April for their festival debut in Berlin. Mick Finucan, our resident techno whizz went to find out more…

Hi guys, how are you today? Thanks for taking the time out to us here at Decoded. So how has the 2015 been shaping up for you so far?

No, thank you for having us!  It’s been brilliant so far.  We played our first ABODE party in January to our biggest crowd yet at Studio 338.  Feeling a crowd of over 2,000 people get off on your set, seeing them dance with us and going mental was the best adrenaline rush of our lives so far.

Growing up a friends and knowing each other inside out by now obviously helps. But have there ever been any strenuous times? Times when you felt emotionally or musically you were growing apart? I can imagine at times there must be moments of conflict.

Oh, every day we clash over something!  We’re a total married couple just without the sex.  We both have fiery temperaments so the way we express ourselves is quite garish and crude, which sometimes leads to moments of conflict.  But conflict is fun for us!  We push and challenge each other to be better every single day, we get the best out of each other through conflicting.  It never feels negative, it’s just part of who we are together. To be honest, we have never felt emotionally or musically distant.  We don’t think you can, to be doing what we’re doing that is.  We are as in sync as two totally different people can be.  We’re very proud of that.

I’ve recently listened to Dylan and Mickey chatting about you guys and the London scene. You’re really getting out and about. Outside of London where do you want to go and what do you want to accomplish?

We want to take our music everywhere.  There are no limits for us.  Something that is very important to us is to get even more females into the scene.  Something that has bothered us ever since we went to our first rave is that there are not enough females out there truly enjoying techno and giving it a chance – and not enough female DJs playing it.  With our production, we want to inject full on twisted glamour into its sound.  We want the traces of femininity in our work to be impossible not to notice and to hook even more women, as well as men, into the scene.  It’s our mission as we were both those two girls once, who didn’t give techno a chance, we snubbed our noses at it.  And look at us now.  We live it, and it’s only going to get even more so.

I see you have a weekly residency in the Sanderson for some school night debauchery and what now. Can you tell us more about it, the venue and what we could expect should one get a Thursday night urge for a boogie?

We’ve done a 360 with the Sanderson as it was one of the first bars we used to come and drink in when we were younger.  We’ve had some amazing nights and stays there so when they offered us a residency it was a real moment for us on a personal and sentimental level.  It marks how far we’ve come in a relatively short space of time.  When we were eighteen we nicknamed the Sanderson our ‘playground’ as we’d just run riot.  To now DJ and be given free reign to make Thursday nights exactly what we want them to be is so exciting, not to mention nostalgic.  Come to play.  To laugh and wind down after work, to chat to the group of people next to you, to dance to some Guy Gerber and drink the best lychee martini of your life.

So how did you guys become Violent Blondes and where did it all begin?

We throw our own events every called Friday Thirteenth Club every Friday 13th.  The majority of our budget used to go on booking the DJs and we were never entirely satisfied with the connection they were making with our crowd.  We’ve always been really musical and knew exactly what we wanted in terms of the sound for the parties so we took matters into our own hands and started to learn how to DJ.  When it came to naming ourselves, the Violent Blonde was the most popular signature cocktail of our parties and people had started to refer to us already as the Violent Blondes because of it, so it was something that was totally natural.  The name just happened.

Whilst staying on the topic of DJing, what’s the most embarrassing or nightmare gig you have had?

Nicola:  I high kicked once whilst I was dancing at one of our gigs in these monster platforms, Annabel was DJing and I stacked in front of everyone and was rolling around on the floor.  That was pretty embarrassing!
Annabel:  HA! it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  I need to see it again.  Teach her right for high kicking to techno…

Can you tell us if you have anything in the pipeline regarding productions or any current projects you are working on in the studio at the minute?

We’re currently working on an EP with Esotera, a DJ and producer and a very good friend of ours, which is almost ready to release to the world.  We’ve had lots of fun with the vocals and this is raw Violent Blonde sound.  Our vision was dark fantasy and we’ve not deviated at all; what we’re producing is definitely what we set out to create. We’re also working on a remix with Scarlett House which will be released on Tympanic next month.  We don’t want to give too much away but it’s very deep, very naughty, check it out.

I know you are are doing an exclusive mix for us. First off kudos and much appreciated. Can you talk us through the idea you had for this mix and it’s track-listing?

When we put together mixes they are purely emotional expressions.  The ideas we have are what come to us in that moment.  When ideas hit us, we don’t box them or try to control them, we just let the feeling and the vibe of that moment flow which, for us, is always so much more magical and powerful than a mix which has been over thought through and will in turn sound regimented and quite likely awkward.  The man who taught us everything we know about DJing, Nez, he taught us that lesson; to focus on the ‘being’ just as much as the ‘doing’, if not more so.  In our opinion, it’s one of the differences between DJs and actual artists.

The track listing for the mix is a selection of new and old tracks from some of our all time favourite artists   There’s something quite feral sounding about it when we listened back to it, an authentically wild vibe.  We didn’t set out for it to be like that it just happened.  It’s like a chaotic dreamworld where the music picks you up, throws you around, drops you, smacks you in the face, it’s like survival of the creatively fittest compacted into one mix!

You are making your debut on the 20th with Aztech Events and the guys have put together a tidy lineup of artist from the like of Cocoon, Drumcode and VIVa Music Can you tell us how your paths crossed with the Loco Crew and how this came to fruition?

It was love at first sight on Twitter!  We arranged to meet Dylan and Mickey at our Housewife London gig to get to know each other and they wanted to see us play.  It was one of those moments where you get so excited because you realise you are in the company of two really like-minded individuals, with very similar visions and principles when it comes to the whole scene.  We just clicked and now we’re going to make some serious party history together, hopefully for a very long time.

So getting back to the night, what can the lovely people on the dance floor expect to hear? Have you rough idea or will it be on the fly and see on the night?

Ahhhh, now that would be telling, wouldn’t it!  Get your asses down to AzTech Knights on Friday 20th Feb and you can experience what goes down first hand.

The venue Crucifix Lane is a bit naughty to say the least and I have been there a few times. Have you played there before? Definitely a venue to suit your name I think.

We haven’t, no.  This is our debut at Crucifix Lane.  We think it will suit everything that we’re about, it’s going to be a proper naughty underground party.

You know this city well and we all know it is one of the best cities in the world for Electronic Music. What makes London nightlife different from any other city and how would you explain it to someone who has never been?

Well you’re spoilt for choice in terms of line up here but because of the ridiculously strict licensing in London good underground parties that go on all night long are becoming more and more difficult to come by which is a shame.  The city is full of secrets and hidden gems though so to get the most out of London you’ve really got to befriend the locals.  There’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth in terms of finding a quality underground party where not all the masses are flocking to.  Keep your ears close to the ground in London and find out where the locals are going.  Or get in touch with us, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Finally to wrap it up, what are your top 5 tracks at the minute?

Delivery – Christian Smith
Haze – Dangeli
Imprv – Nina Kraviz
Ladies With An Attitude – DJ Toys
Abersprung (Mano Le Tough Remix) – Vermont