Throwback Thursday with Funkagenda in 2010

The day is December 24, 2010. I had recently graduated from college, and was spending Christmas Eve holed up at my dad’s desk scouring tracks on my laptop with my headphones on full blast. I had just graduated college and was nursing a broken wrist, so my free time was limitless. One of the DJs I was following on Twitter Tweeted something that piqued my interest:

funkagenda tweet

Curious, I clicked the link. What transpired was a beautiful mix that Adam Walder, aka Funkagenda, had made for his fans. His 2010 Christmas Mix felt like such a special gift, and from that moment I felt truly connected to him as a fan. These 58 minutes are a cheeky listen to some of the more classic tracks he continues to throw into sets today.

To this day, Funkagenda continues to remain one of my favorite producers. As a fan of dance music and a positive scene for everyone, it is great to see how open he has become about past addiction and depression. His willingness to be open is both inspirational and encouraging for people like myself who have suffered with my own issues in those departments. 2014 has been a positive year for him, with a successful release on Armada Music. The future is bright for Funkagenda, but I will always remember Christmas Eve 2010 as one of my favorite musical memories.

What makes him so special, is that no matter how big he gets, he will always make an effort to know each of his fans individually. I am lucky enough to be one of them.