Throwback Thursdays – Deep Dish: The Yoshiesque Years

Deep Dish and their record label Yoshitoshi were for many of my generation, the pinnacle of class and sophistication. More progressive than Subliminal but with equal amounts of that American sheen,they bookmarked pretty much every mix I ever made from about 1997 right through to maybe 2002/3. Many lunch breaks were spent in local record stores either buying the import double packs or ordering new ones. I’m not alone in saying the excitement for us vinyl heads finding a new Yoshi release was close to the best feeling in the world!

Yoshiesque 1 and 2 were unlike other label retrospective mixes due to the sheer talent and sounds they contained. They also highlighted the incredible abilities both Sharam and Dubfire had as a DJ duo and their constant and unending search for new music, which like this CD, moves your hips and opens your mind at the same time. Moving from deep house through house and progressive sounds and on to techno, this CD pretty much cemented my love for dance music on the first listen, and some 15 years later still sounds as fresh today as it did back in 1999.

1. Atmosfear/Dancing in Outer Space (The MAW Accapella)
2. Jark Prongo/Wave 2081
3. Departure Lounge Feat. SOR/Dep Lounge 2 (Vocal Mix)
4. Lexicon Avenue/Here I Am (Rutabaga Mix)
5. Brother Brown Feat. Frank’ee / Under the Water (Deep Dish
6. H2O/All Over Your Face (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Remix)
7. Joystick/Listen (Do You Hear It?)
8. Chaser/Tall Stories (Pooley’s Lars From Mars Mix)
9. Eric Gadd/The Right Way (IanPooley’s Deep Way Mix)
10. Zero G/Remembering (Accapella Mix)
11. Departure Lounge Feat. SOR / Dep Lounge (Dub)
12. Basco/Music with a Feel (Jark Prongo Mix)
13. Deep Dish/Mohammad is Jesus (Deep Dish Daddy Cool Remix)
14. Anthony Moriah/The Reality (Full Intention Dub Mix)
15. Amoeba Assasin/Rollercoaster (Oakey’s Courtyard Mix)
16. S.O.L/Quantensprung 1
17. Underworld/Jumbo (Rob Rives And Francois K Main Dish)