Throwback Thursdays – Kerri Chandler at EXIT Festival 2013

Kerri ‘Kaoz’ Chandler, is an electronic music producer and DJ. He is known for his warm, atmospheric, soulful and jazzy sound, which has become the blueprint of deep house. Growing up in a family of jazz musicians, Kerri was raised in New Jersey on the east coast of the United States. His father was a DJ and provided Kerri with a background in the origins of soul and disco, which formed the backbone of the New York underground sound.

Accompanying his father to gigs, Kerri began playing records at the age of thirteen. And by the time he was fourteen, he began interning in studios and producing music. Since the signing of his first single SuperLover/Get It Off in 1991, Kerri began producing a body of work that has helped coin him one of the most respected house producers in the world.He is also the founder of the house music labels Madhouse Records (not to be confused with the reggae label of the same name) and MadTech Records.

This weeks Throwback Thursday falls to me. I’ve been a music fan my whole life, and in the beginning I was very influenced by the New York house sound. Tougher than the disco house of Chicago and more musical to me than the Detroit techno sounds, my heroes were Todd Terry, Danny Rampling and CJ Mackintosh. Ministry of Sound released a series of CDs  – The Sessions, which focused our attention of a named DJ and allowed them to tell a story over two discs. As I was too young to go to clubs (and get in – rubbish fake ID!) these CDs were my way of keeping abreast of the growing house scene. One of these CDs featured Todd Terry (Sessions 8), and one of the tracks which piqued my interest was by Kerri Chandler (Raw Grooves 3).

From this initial introduction, I’ve picked up one or two more of his productions, but it’s the way he constructs a set that really made me want to give you the chance to see him in a live setting. This set from Exit Festival last year clearly shows a man with a wealth of knowledge riding the new wave of popularity for a genre he basically invented (with a few choice others). What you will hear is very much the true sound of the deeper side of house, emotive, passionate music that moved a whole generation of clubbers and made clubs like MoS the iconic cultural landmarks they have become.