TIP 106 – Mauro Norti

Hi Ivan. We caught up with you when we first launched our website back in June and now we are relaunching our website this month so we thought it would be good to catch up again. What have you been working on since we last spoke?


This is actually during this time in a while, I have not worked so much on music, because of the fact that I was sick. However, I have some new stuff …  Im working on  my forthcoming album.

In your last interview you mentioned that Belarus does not really have a great scene for the music you make, love and play. Can you tell us a little about the scene in Belarus and what may we expect if we visited the country?

All right … in fact it is. People in our country are focused more on commercial music … even I do not always use my stuff, because our people do not always understand this kind of music … However, we have conducted an underground parties and performances, but very rarely. We like more fun and easy music. That’s our mentality

Do you gig regularly outside of Belarus and do you have any plans to play gigs over in the UK anytime soon?
To be honest, I never played outside Belarus. On my email received many letters where people write that they would like me to come to Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Germany, the UK and even Argentina and many other countries … but unfortunately, at the moment I do not have a manager or agent who would help me organize my performances.

You compiled a new mix for us to accompany this interview. Where was the mix recorded, what tools did you use to create the mix and what was the sound you were trying to achieve?
Yes, I recorded to the mix for you. I recorded it in ableton. But … I have collected in this mix old tracks … what I like. There are even exclusive stuff.
You have produced some fantastic remixes of late including a remix of Antrim on Sound Avenue and a remix of Cardiowave on PFL Records. When asked to complete a remix how do you approach it and what process do you go through?
Firstly, I should like the original mix. Then I think what associations gives me this track. And then later I try to construct it anew in their own way, with my sounds and synths.

When producing tracks do you prefer to use hardware, software or a mixture of both?
I like hardware too… but I work in Propellerheads Reason for the most time. This is my favourite DAW. And sometimes I use Ableton.
At the moment I use it.

There are many budding producers out there looking to break into the music industry. Is there any advice you would give?
I advise them to just hold their own way. Trying to create something new, original and unique … is that really impressive people.

You previously mentioned that you would love to release music on the Traum record label. I personally feel your music would sit perfectly into their style. Have you had any interest from Traum yet or have you contacted them with any of your music to discuss possible releases?
I sent them some of my stuff … but it did not quite fit. Maybe I have a bad quality for them … I do not know. However, some of my tracks, they turned their attention.All in good time

A lot of DJs these days appear to get their break into the industry via being a producer. Do you feel it is imperative to be a producer in order to break into the industry and gain regular DJ slots in your country and around the world?
In fact, do not have to record your own tracks … You can just be a great DJ and not write a single track in a lifetime … but you can be successful in this and in the other. Paradox, do not you think? I think it’s a private matter.

The last time we spoke you mentioned that you were  scheduled to release a track on Wide Angle Recordings. Can you tell us more about the track and when it is due to be released?
My plans have changed slightly. And so will a single track on the label Wide Angle Recordings. This track is included in the excellent compilation. It will be released around January. You will soon hear it. I love this track, and I hope you like it too.

There is a lot of talk about the term EDM in the USA and across Europe. What are your thoughts on the term EDM and the way it is being used to label certain types of music?
I think that the term implies and includes a variety of musical styles and trends … especially today. This is the music that you can dance. The music that is easy to mix. This is the music that is oriented for clubs and open air. No matter it techno or house, drum and bass or trance.

Lastly, can you tell us about any upcoming gigs or music releases?
As for the news … in January will be released my track, which I mentioned above. I also have a couple of remixes in the near future. And again I repeat that in parallel working on my album. And I want to thank you all for what you are listening to my music

01. Guy J – Lamur (Am Mix)
02. Andrew L. – Dance Without Me (Original Mix)
03. Gui Boratto – Flying Practice (Original Mix)
04. Lanny May – Dub Days (Original Mix)
05. Fm Radio Gods – 333 (Original Mix)
06. Richie G – Vorbendacht (Original Mix)
07. Funkbrainer – The Life Is Out (Foot aka 10dens Remix)
08. N’to – Cats & Dogs (Traumer Pacific Winds Remix)
09. Loacs Erepams – I Can’t Figure It Out (Nick Stoynoff Remix)
10. V.I.Scence – Ocean (Original Mix)
11. Jelle Kuipers – QZ (Original Mix)
12. Spada – Green (Original Mix)

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Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.