TIP001 Ellie Pettersson

Her undeniable “old school” style comes from a second generation of deejays and more than 20 years of club scene.

Although her father a Funk 60’s radio jockey on a Brazilian FM radio station used to say: “Night life and clubs are not the best choice for a girl like you”. Her world rebelled and her life turned around pointing straight at music culture. The transition between 2 continents in her teens she moved from Brazil to Finland and added a distinctive touch of her funky roots to the Scandinavian electronic underground edge.

Ellie has always been highly involved in the forbidden electronic scene. In the early 90’s in Helsinki and some years later, Ellie moved to the United Kingdom. The 90`s London was a frantic madness, the sounds of Tall Paul, Sister Bliss, The Prodigy, Boy George, Seb Fontaine, Pete Tong, Judge Jules, had taken London by a storm and sounds generated in Turnmills welcomed evenings amongst the brotherhood of those who moved the music, the night life of West End and a whole industry behind it.

Generally Ellie always continues to evolve and become ever more intimate with her music. Her sound conveys its particular tendency to be original with a high end Electro Funk, Electro, Minimal, Tech House and Indie.