TIP002 C-Jay

Born in 1976 in a small town in a rural part of Holland, multi talented Dutch artist C-Jay took up an early interest in electronic and experimental music of artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream. Already at the age of 11 C-Jay got his first musical education on the ins and outs of both digital and analogue instruments, with the enthusiastic love and support of his parents and a local music teacher. His love for synthesizers grew and pretty soon young C-Jay’s bedroom was swamped with analogue synths and drum machines paid for by his weekend jobs. Now years later at the age of 36, C-Jay is as diverse as it gets in today’s dance music business. Being a former record store owner, DJ, Producer and label owner of The Sessions Recordings he also promotes his own underground nights called “Electric Cafe” and “Head of Dance music Licenses” at Dutch Authors Rights Company “Buma / Stemra.” With his day job he makes sure composers and authors of Dance music in Holland get paid when their music is performed on stage.

As a producer C-Jay got his first worldwide release in the spring of 2004. This track (Sway Watch) got signed to the Moun10 imprint owned by Dutch house legend Jaydee and got massive support from artists like The Flash Brothers, Chris Fortier and Fred Numf. His second release was co-produced by his long time friend Jaydee under their “Graylock” alias and got a release on First Impression Recordings owned by Jaydee. This release got supported, played and charted by Armin Van Buuren, Ton TB, Paul Van Dyk, The Flash Brothers, Carl Cox, Chris Fortier and many more. Due to the fact that both releases were received so well by the international scene, C-Jay decided to start his own record label “The Sessions Recordings.” The first vinyl hit stores worldwide in November 2004. Sometime later after 3 releases on his own label C-Jay had the result he wanted the attention of both the scene as well as the people on dance floors worldwide. The established labels were now interested in him as an artist because he made a name for himself and he had shown that his tunes were loved by many around the globe selling around 3000 – 4000 records back in the days of vinyl.

In November 2005 C-Jay’s with his co-producer friend Mick Wilson (UK / Tilt / Parks & Wilson) appeared on the well respected Dutch imprint Cyber Records. This masterpiece called “Darkism” was a personal favourite of Anthony Pappa and Hernan Cattaneo who both have been dropping it a lot in their sets of summer / fall 2005. Hernan Cattaneo even closed his legendary Dance Valley Festival 2005 set with this floor filler and Dutch national radio did a live broadcast of that set.

In February 2006 after a string of releases on well known labels, C-Jay decided to re-start his own label again and turn it into a digital imprint. Talented young guys like Roger Martinez, Josel & Pedro, Bastian Bouma and Patch Park all released their early tunes through The Sessions Recordings. And in September 2008 “Magnanimity” was signed on his label. C-Jay’s first full length artist album on physical CD contained 2 discs, with remixes by other artists on the second disc. The album got superb reviews and in Holland the legendary OOR magazine was raving about it. OOR Magazine can be compared to Mixmag or DJ Mag in the UK. In August 2011 C-Jay released his second full length artist album on CD. Again, this release got superb reviews, high ranked charts and the track “Electric Cafe” (with Sezer Uysal) turned into a small top selling hit success in several countries. Even Armin van Buuren still plays it out in his 2012 sets.

Now a well known record store owner and event promoter in Holland from 2000 until 2006. As he was a skilled and eager DJ without gigs, he decided to throw his own nights. With success he organised some legendary events during those years, inviting artists like Moshic, Chris Fortier, James Holden, Chris Cowie, Anthony Pappa and Quivver to Holland. In 2006 the nights officially stopped, but he still hosts low profile (free entrance) nights in and around his hometown Amsterdam called ‘The Sessions’.

Having shared DJ booths with almost every big star of the scene, C-Jay is bound to become one himself. In the last couple of years C-Jay found himself playing gigs in Poland, Romania, Holland, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Jordan and the Ukraine and the rest of the world is waiting for him. Not doing it for the Hall Of Fame but just loving what he does since childhood, C-Jay is known for his motto: “Progressive is an attitude not a style”

C-Jay has more enthusiasm in his little finger than most DJs can muster in a lifetime and a true gent as well.
Dave Seaman

Great technically skilled producer.
Pete Gooding

Great guy, great producer, good friend.

Well done boy! I love your stuff.

It’s great to work on tracks together; C-Jay is such a down to earth guy. Great producer!

C-Jay’s the missing link between Psychedelic Trance and Progressive House. And above all a top geezer who’s passion and enthusiasm for Trance is inspiring.
Zen Mechanics

Since a few years now i find everything C-Jay makes is ending up in my sets. Definitely ace productions.
Anthony Pappa

Epic and smooth music. I like a lot the different stories in each track. Very deep and atmospheric moods. Cool and easy going guy, I’m glad to work with him.
Motion Drive

C-Jay delivers lovely hypnotic productions since years. Always have some tracks of him in my cd case.
Liquid Soul

I love his music, he just get better and better. And he has a twisted sense of humour on top of that. A true talent.

C-Jay is really good in making “druggy” and hypnotic music. Loving his stuff…
Elusive (Norway / espen & elusive)

Loving C-Jay as much as ever and his production skills are ace.

C-Jay is not only a really nice person and my mate, but also a brilliant DJ / producer in my opinion. He gets better with every release he makes. Definitely supporting him.

For me, one of the best talents from the Netherlands. You should defo watch out for his forthcoming releases!! Amazing stuff..
DJ19 (19box recordings japan)

Great producer, i really love the music he makes. Dropping it a lot during my sets.
Sandra Collins (perfecto / usa)

C-Jay is besides our good friend, also a devoted producer who sticks with his own sound and style. Doing the stuff he does best, making damn good tunes!
Yves Eaux

I found C-Jay’s DJing style to be remarkably smooth when i played with him in a club in Holland. His music choice is excellent. When I saw C-Jay play, I was very impressed and I’m not easily impressed! Smooth, Flawless, and utterly enjoyable. He’s definitely Premier league!
Chris Cowie

Really good Mixer. Good sound blends and nice long mixing. I played with him in Poland and Holland and really enjoyed his sets and music.
Jonathan Lisle (Bedrock, UK)