TIP006 Mauro Norti

My real name is Ivan. I am DJ and producer from Belarus. I fell in love with music when I was a kid. I taught myself to play the guitar. I loved listening to rock music. But a little later I became interested in electronic music. I’ve always liked and continue to like it so far musicians such as Trentemøller, Apparat, James Holden, Gui Boratto, Stephan Bodzin, Sasha, Max Cooper, Lanny May, Ryan Davis and many others. Perhaps their music has influenced me and my development.

I began to make music few years ago. My first release was out on the 21st of February 2011. My first releases were quite bad but I continued to look at myself and grow. It was a start.

My music is inspired by various feelings and emotions. I try to show what I feel through the sound. Every my track is connected with something that happens in my life. I always try to show it to the listener. I believe that every track should be written sincerely. This helps to create a special connection. I work in Propellerheads Reason for the most time. This is my favourite DAW. And sometimes I use Ableton. I work in such styles as Techno, Melodic Techno, Deep Techno, Tech House and Minimal Electronica. In my works I always try to create my special sound and atmosphere.

The greatest release in my discography is the album “Last Day”, which came out on 30/07/2012 on a great label “Wide Angle Recordings”. It was a very long-awaited and dramatic event for me. It inspired me and made me work on. Then “Remixed” came out 2012/10/23 on “Wide Angle Recordings” with remixes from great producers like Oliver Lieb, Max Cooper and Travis MacDonald. Also releases on labels such as MNL, Sound Avenue, PFL Records, Ideological, Agara Music and a recent remix of track my good friend Indieveed, which was released on the label Klangwelt.