TIP012 Mick Finucan

Micks’ affiliation with the world of electronic music began whilst growing up in the South West of Ireland. Around the time of the millennium an important musical discovery was made. The game changer in question was Decks EFX 909. This album proved to be a catalyst and introduced him into the world of techno, its rolling percussion and hypnotic loops.

Whilst attending university, the clubbing scene quickly took over his social life and as a result led him to the other side of the dance floor. It was in 2000 his first set of turntables were purchased. He like many others spent countless hours learning the trade, throwing parties and evolving his musical palette. This musical journey taken him on clubbing experiences around the globe from Buenos Aires to San Francisco to Ibiza, the list goes on and on. Fast forward to present day and he is now residing in London. Here in the capital he has already stepped into the DJ booths of super-clubs like Ministry of Sound and Pacha to name a few caning he own brand of house and techno. The last year has been a massive learning curve for him and his productions. Having recently released on Josh Winks legendary Ovum Recordings and forthcoming work on Italo Business he feels he is now confident with what and where he is going with his music. With some new material in the pipeline almost ready for public consumption, he reckons it is time to step up on both from a DJing and production perspective, with some big parties planned in the future.

From my time with him it has become apparent, that yes indeed his passion no obsession lies in music and everything it encompasses. An obsession that runs very deep and what the future holds for him who knows but it could get interesting.

Vision & Concept
For me being asked to be a part of TIP was a no-brainer. The concept as a whole and what I believe we can bring to the electronic music industry can only be positive. What TIP represents is bringing people from near and far from different sectors with the right mind set to restructure how the fundamental elements that drive the industry are run. In recent years it is clearly evident, that the market has reached saturation point with events and music being put out to the masses. I believe the repercussions of this are having a negative effect on the industry as a whole. Gigs and club nights have become more commercially driven and overcrowded, with the original concept and ideology of clubbing nights falling by the way-side. It has become apparent to me, that a lot of venues are all playing the exact same music of the time without taking a risk, which stunts growth and innovation in the scene. As a result what I perceive is people going through the motions on a clubbing weekend to the same headline acts hyping it up but leaving and feeling rather deflated. But what did you expect it’s the same promoters and same DJ’s? Einstein once said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Couple that with astronomical rise in bedroom producers, which has no doubt its benefits, has had a negative effect too, thus standard of music being put out has dropped considerably with budding labels seeming likely to sign anything that’s going. Not caring for quality but for quantity.

What we are about is simple. Develop and promote new and existing talent and give them a platform and correct environment to display their talents. To give people nights out where they are comfortable in their surroundings, discovering new fresh acts previously unknown to them and pushing the scene forward to encourage it to evolve properly whilst adding that spark of the unknown back into club land.

As an agency, TIP looks at all the aspects that require the aforementioned to come to fruition. In doing so, we facilitate that by providing an agency, which supports artist on all aspects of the industry to be a success. Also aiding and developing their music capabilities with the option of releasing material through our record label and beyond.

Finally from an events perspective, our aim is to work with venues and promoters, side by side, for the right reasons, delivering a proper environment in which to go clubbing. Thus giving you, the public, a reason to be excited for weekends again and not to feel as you have to attend like its social convention to do so. Simply put, we want you to enjoy yourself on your night out, clubbing in comfort, discovering new music and artists. After all that was the original idea……Wasn’t it?!