TIP013 Hew

Hew is not one for words or to build an ego, but is happy to express himself while playing music.

Having built his skills from being a resident at Club night’s ‘Great Friday’ and ‘Fundamental’. Both of these nights are very diverse and have provided him the ability to adapt to any genre across the Techno / House / Electronica field, be it a Progressive warm up set or peak time Techno. He has performed on line ups with artists such as Aeroplane, Hector Couto, Cari Lekebusch and Alan Fitzpatrick.

Although happy to play what is needed of him, Hew has created ‘Cassini’ with friend and other artist ‘Kole’ for the platform to express their ideas musically. Cassini holds a weekly podcast that showcase a 1 hour mix from themselves, artists they have worked with and artists that inspire them both. These mixes also include new / up and coming artists. Cassini has had their first event and are looking forward to the next one.