TIP014 Caroline Banx

A true DJing talent

What is a DJ? It seems like anyone with a synthesizer, windows media player and too much time on their hands a DJ these days….

The difference is when you hear them live; hear what they feel at their very core and know instantly that what you are witnessing is not luck, not chance but skill and imagination in its rawest form. These sounds are not easy to find and almost impossible to replicate. However beating at the very core of the underground scene awaits Caroline Banx; an artist and visionary that creatively and effortlessly fuses good music be it techno to deep house, tech house or psy tech.

Back in 2003 ‘Banx’ dropped her life to follow her one true love. Almost instantaneous success followed with high-profile residencies up and down the country and an invitation to join the elite ranks of EDM super label, Nukleuz. More accolades were to come. Having impressed the judges at Creamfields with her unique and technically precise sets where Mixmag Future Hero status followed.

She has since found critically acclaimed success across Europe, America, Asia and beyond. Her diverse background extends to her productions where she blends potent mixes of genres from all around the globe to find unique flows and raw formats for her music. Already she has a worldwide album under her belt, acclaimed by various DJs throughout the world and is now pushing for various releases, working with top artists on some exciting new plans. Though with the knowledge gained from coming so far and the experience to know what lies ahead, the best is truly yet to come.

Her progressive and psychedelic trance project, Banxii, has rooted her most notably within the notorious Goa scene. This success has seen her headline huge events alongside legendary artists such as Goa Gill, Aphid Moon, Atomic Pulse and Stranger and she is now a new addition to ‘Hilltop records’. This great honour comes as she continues to surprise people from all walks of life with her entrancing, opening up the gateways between cultures with one common theme; a love of music.

Regardless of genre, she injects her sets with an undeniable energy, strong connection to the dance floor and a mindset of making her audience experience something special. This topped with an ever evolving sound and passion for electronic music has led her on an exciting trip which to this day sees her attack every set with the same unfaltering enthusiasm.

It’s no wonder then that Caroline’s passport boasts more country stamps than your average airline pilot including Ibiza, India, New Zealand, Canada, USA, China, Latvia, Ukraine and UAE. Being a free spirit and with a love of travelling means she is never happier than living out of a suitcase by day and fuelling her growing international DJing reputation by night.