TIP018 Trukers

Breaks lover since very young, Trukers style is influenced by the many different musical styles he enjoys and he uses these inspirations to create the atmosphere and nuances in his emotional Balearic music creations. Trukers is well known for his breath taking piano melodies, lush pads and warm bass lines. His music breaks boundaries and moves your soul. Trukers creates deep, melodic and emotional break beats and when you listen, you can’t help but fly away and take a musical journey into your own imagination.

During 2007 and 2008 Trukers began producing break beat tunes that were an expression of the influence he received from his favourite artists at that time. The following year in 2009, he began to take his music production much more seriously and dedicated more and more time producing his tunes, and decided to publish them during 2010. It was this year when he was discovered by Rune Recordings, Rune gave him the chance to release his first tracks, and this opportunity opened a range of possibilities in the world of Progressive Breaks and began collaborating with other Labels like Breaks.sk and the huge V.I.M records. 2012 has been his most productive year releasing a total of 11 tracks to date, First release of the year was on Digital Sensation, and then came Mistique which has been the label to release the most of the tracks so far. Among this was the winning contest remix of Monojoke (Hold Me Down by Spring Tube) and got 2nd place in Spain in the videogame Halo 4 remix contest.

Following these other labels made interest in he’s work including Break Wind Productions and Electronic Tree on which he did remixes of the wicked “Massacre” tune by Axcess and Aquity by Loquai.

In this last stage, he has also collaborated with Rick Tedesco on some free tracks, and had the privilege to remix a track from the great producer “The emissary” and another one of the electronic rock band “The Panic Division”, among others.