TIP020 Nick Assheton

Producer, remixer & DJ from Liverpool, UK.

Taking a more chilled out approach to his productions greatly contrasts from his vibrant DJ sets. His sets are much more upbeat and keep the room moving.

Buying his first pair of turntables at 14 has given him the fundamental skills in DJing which helped him make a name for himself in the Liverpool underground music scene, starting to get gigs in both the UK and Canada by the age of 18 was a great achievement and at 21 he took up his first club residency at Audio Asylum, Newcastle.

Co-founding Liverpool Dance Music Society (LDMS) saw a boost in the number of bookings that he got in 2012/13 as more local promoters began to take an interest in his style of DJing. Playing big nights such as Chibuku and Waxxx have cemented his name among the big players in Liverpool’s underground house/techno scene.

What was your first ever record?
Haha, this is quite embarrassing but its “Satisfaction – Benny Benassi”, I bought two of them just to learn how to beat-match and haven’t played them since. I found one of them the other day actually and thought about playing it at a gig…then I came to my senses!

Who were your Heroes and Influences growing up?
Hate to be a cliché, but I’d say my parents. They’ve influenced me a lot through what I’ve been doing and have helped a lot. Asides from that, musically id say Ricardo Villalobos has been a great influence, mainly in his productions and how they’re quite alternative to most music you here these days.

Which came first DJing or Producing?
DJing came first; I only started producing about a year and a half ago. Started DJing when I was 14 on some Ion Belt-Drive turntables then progressed into CDJ’s and then changed my set-up completely and started using 2 Kontrol X1’s and a mixer. After about 2 years of using this I went back to using turntables and got myself a pair off 1210’s.

What’s the story behind this mix?
I had quite a good idea of what I wanted to do before I made this mix. It’s kind of a journey from the start of the night to the end, with quite deep minimalistic sounds to begin with then a slow progression into more peak time music. I really enjoy playing the deeper stuff as there is rarely a chance I get to play it in a club environment.

What’s the home studio set up like?
As I said earlier, the home set-up’s changed so much over the years but right now I’m just using 2x Technics 1210’s and an Allen & Heath Xone 62 to DJ with. I’ve also still got my 2 Kontrol X1’s which I use sometimes for both DJing and producing. For production I’m using Logic or Ableton on a MacBook Pro, a Korg Monotribe Ribbon synth (sometimes) and an M-Audio keyboard.

Any future plans you would like to share?
Erm, there’s a couple of things in the pipeline at the moment regarding LDMS, mainly bookings and a rebrand that we’ll be going to (cards close to my chest on that one). The main thing is the festival ill be co-running in Morocco called OneLongWeekend…add us on facebook/twitter for more details on this.

What’s your take on the Analogue vs. Digital debate?
I actually did a piece of coursework on this not too long ago. It’s a hard question to answer as both have their plus points but personally I much prefer analogue to digital with regards to DJing. I think using vinyl on its own takes more skill than using CDJ’s personally but, each to their own at the end of the day.

Are there any producers/labels you always go to for new material?
I’ve recently started listening to 2 labels which have been releasing some amazing music recently, Karton and My First Love Records. Yeah id say I mainly go to them first or Desolat for new music. I’m a massive fan of Pura Music and ViVa Music; they’re releasing some amazing music at the moment.

What makes them special to you?
I think with regards to Karton & My First Love Records, it’s mainly because they’re quite small labels so the stuff they release is almost kind of exclusive. The music also really suits what I’m playing at the moment so that’s always a plus point. ViVa & Pura have always been a love of mine as well as Moon Harbour records so had to give them a mention.

What’s your dream DJ gig?
So many events to say, id say probably playing in Berghain or DC10 would be the gigs I’d take over most things. Nothing quite like playing an amazing gig in your hometown though.