TIP022 Dave Stuart

I’m a simple person with simple pleasures, I DJ because I love electronic music and love sharing tracks from producers I absolutely adore to people on the dance floor…I live for those dark small rooms with hefty sound systems, I live for those moments when I put on a track that means something special to me then look into the crowd and see someone with their eyes closed and lost in that moment with the music……that to me is what DJing is about, and in part some of the reason I’ve also run events, touring and even a club.

The music I play is the music I love, pure & simple, I play from the heart…someone once said to me, “you play music that makes me want to cry”…(I’m going to take that as a positive!) I strive to find the most beautiful deep melodic house & techno for my DJ sets, sometimes driving, sometimes deep & dubby and always not limiting myself to one style or genre. Within Sydney I have built a reputation of always playing on point and reading the crowd perfectly, this is shown in the journey I try to achieve in my DJ sets & podcasts.

Whilst most would like to list all the big events where they’ve been on the same flyer I’ll just stick to the acts that I’ve been lucky enough to play a supporting role for (that is, either warming up directly for, or playing straight after. My personal highlights have been; Luke Hess, XDB, Steve Rachmad, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Lusine, Mark Henning, Ryan Davis, Eelke Kleijn, Aril Brikha, Nick Warren…..I’m sure you get the idea. I am also booked every year at one of Australia’s best respected underground music festivals, Subsonic Music. 2012 also saw my first booking at the 50,000 person Defqon festival (playing on the progressive / techno stage).

My focus with running events has always been on pushing new exciting talent, both locally and from overseas. This started off with a small, but well respected night; Sunday school that provided an outlet for Sydney’s young up & coming DJ talent. From there I progressed into starting up the Shrug events in 2009 which have hosted some of the world’s best underground House & Techno artists, with a strong focus on booking acts that have never toured Australia previously. See the shrugevents.com website for a full list of artists booked and toured by Shrug Events & Touring.

My DJ mixes have featured on podcasts for Beef Records, Proton Radio (.Audio, Source of Gravity, Pinksilver Music & Warm Art), Minimal Sydney and Balance FM (Croatia). As well as DJing, over the last year I have been responsible for the music policy & international artist bookings at an underground club, One22, in Sydney’s CBD. Acts that have played at One22 include Alex Smoke, Dino Sabatini, Peter Van Hoesen, Efdemin (Dial/Berlin), Aril Brikha (Art of Vengence), Petter (Border Community), Kirk Degiorgio (UK), Gabriel Ananda (Treibstoff) to name a few.