TIP024 Brent Lawson

Brent has over 20 years DJing under his belt kicking back to the days of 1210’s right through to the current day of his beloved CDJ2000’s.

As a DJ he has played at a several events / gigs a few of which were his own ALTER EGO nights.

Brent now manages his own label Pro-B-Tech Records which has seen things really beginning to pick up pace for him, signings for this label have grown in strength and now include, TILT, Kastis Torrau & Arnas D, Dave Seaman, Fulvio Perniola, Dubspeeka & Hernan Cattaneo to name but a few.

Thanks to this combination Brent is in a position to keep his sets completely fresh, upfront and remains from being categorized in any specific genre.

What was your first ever record?
Guru Josh – 1990’s time for the Guru – Infinity!!!!

Who were your Heroes and Influences growing up?
Jean Michelle Jarre (Still Is) – Provide my first insight into electronic music, From Jarre my music influence and hero moved to dance specific and to Dave Seaman to date still remains.

Which came first DJing or Producing?

What’s the story behind this mix?
All over my new mixes are now put together with the view to pushing the sounds of Pro-B-Tech Records, I always try to promote our artists and will put in a few of our little gems.

What’s the home studio set up like?
Macbook Pro, Ableton 9, Logic Pro
M-Audio Midi Keyboard
2 x CDJ2000’s, 1 x RMX1000
2 x KRK Monitors awaiting Ableton Push

Any future plans you would like to share?
Continual push on Pro-B-Tech Records with more major signings plus eventually a production and release by myself.

What’s your take on the Analogue vs. Digital debate?
I try to keep away from these debates what I would say is that you cannot create the sound of Analogue; it is special and will always remain so.

Are there any producers/labels you always go to for new material?
Try to keep things varied but get all my music sent weekly via SMP3 handpicked and an overall amazing service, at this time I am loving any and all music produced by Kastis Torrau & Arnas D these guys are all fire.

What makes them special to you?
The sound they are producing is varied; they are passionate and love what they do

What’s your dream DJ gig?
For me it will be taking the label and some of our artists to a major festival or Ibiza