TIP025 Paul Lynch

I simply love underground progressive house and techno. Never been one for flamboyance or loosing cake at the crowd, to my mind a DJ should only be heard, not seen. I’ve always steered away from the more commercial side of dance music, instead preferring a more hypnotic industrial sound that lets you lose hours on the dance floor. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to grace the decks at Ministry of Sound, Gigalum, Brixton Club House, Indigo and many more alongside some great DJ’s and friends.

What was your first ever record?
Blimey, well technically it was a 7″ copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller but my first proper 12″ was Beat This by Bomb The Bass. Anyone unlucky enough to remember Now That’s What I Call Music, will understand why Acid House was so appealing and influential.

Who were your Heroes and Influences growing up?
Billy Bonds who played for West Ham was a hero as a kid. Hard as nails yet a gentleman at the same time. My parents were fairly influential; I was subjected to Country and Western for years, so when the dance scene broke in the UK I was on it like a flash. An old friend got me into DJing and I haven’t looked back. Musically my influences were Bomb The Bass, Fluke, Chemical Brothers, Timo Maas, Shiloh and Hooj Choons.

Which came first DJing or Producing?
Simple, DJing. Producing cost a fortune back in the day when you needed a room full of equipment that NASA would be proud of to crack out a tune. A far cry from today. I have a fairly full on job so have never really had the time to get into producing.

What’s the story behind this mix?
The 303. Every now and then you properly fall in love with a tune. G.Pal – The Cactus (Biologik’s 303 Revival Remix) is that tune for me at the moment. So this mix was simple, I had to play that tune and at the right moment. Knowing it’s quite full on I built up with tunes that gradually introduced more and more twisted sounds. I love the kinda future techno sound at the moment. DNYO’s remix of Quivver’s The Fog is a great example, cinematic in its scale and atmosphere, Blade Runner esque. Once dropped the aim was to keep the twisted sounds coming. One other tune I had to play was Derek Howell & Faskil – Un Poema Cinematografico (David Granha Remix), utterly devastating!

What’s the home studio set up like?
I love my kit. I’ve got a bespoke DJ Booth built for my house, the usual suspects 1210’s, CDJ’s, Traktor Scratch Pro, Mac’s, Monitor Audio GS10’s powered by an Arcam Full Metal Jacket Amp. You won’t find too much production kit at my house, I’m not sure I have the time or the patience to be a producer!

Any future plans you would like to share?
I don’t make real plans, never have. What will be will be. Actually that’s a lie, I do have a plan. Have a much fun as possible before the party ends!!

What’s your take on the Analogue vs. Digital debate?
Who’s having this debate, the people on the dance floor???? When I go clubbing all I’m interested in is the sound coming out of the speakers. I’ve been lucky enough to learn to DJ on vinyl, shifted to CDs and now fully digital. It’s called progress. Yes you can argue that vinyl DJs are more skilful as it is harder to perfect, but really who cares, just make people dance!

Are there any producers/labels you always go to for new material?
Number one on the label list is without doubt microCastle, they simply have found the most amazing producers and music. There is not one bum release from them at all, and they don’t over saturate in search of dollars, so each release retains its quality and anticipation. That’s quite rare these days. The producer is difficult, only because I could name scores of them. These are just a few then: Quivver, Cid Inc, Jamie Stevens, Lank, Khen, Guy Mantzur, Terje Seather, DNYO, Sasha, Charlie May, Luis Bondio, Cesar Lombardi, Dale Middleton, Dousk…. I’ll stop there as this could go on for a while

What makes them special to you?
Pushing the boundaries, keeping it underground, not following the crowd and most of all, the ability to create a groove that stirs that primeval inner urge to dance like a mofo.

What’s your dream DJ gig?
It has to be playing all night from start to finish, taking the crowd on a proper journey. That would be a real challenge I’d love to achieve. Argentina and Germany are two places that I’ve always wanted to play.