TIP031 Alex Wax

Alex Wax has always been a bit on the weird side, growing up with his mum who was a paranoid schizophrenic, he was always aware that his upbringing was a little different. Alex was always on the outside and continued to search looking musically for something original and different. He found himself drawn to the darker side of music, which he used as a form of escapism from the world around him and his mothers unpredictable behaviour. As a teenager he began to use this to his advantage and as his musical tastes developed, he discovered the world of techno setting off on his musical journey by using a friends turntables to practice his mixing skills on.

As time moved on he developed a taste for progressive house, as he liked the way the music evolved and drew him into a place that only that genre of music could take him. This along with admiring the talents of the larger DJ’s such as John Digweed, Nick warren and Sasha, he began to mix techno with the progressive house, developing his own style which he found could be adapted for clubs and bars locally. In time those bars and clubs began to book him on a regular basis.
Now, Alex has a family and is DJing full time for a local FM station called KANE FM. He also manages the schedule and helps promote their events, also volunteering for Lowbit records with their events team and DJing for them.
Alex has been developing his production style over the last few years and is currently working on many projects with some of the biggest names in the scene.
Expect a lot good things to come from Alex Wax within the next year.

10 questions

What was your first ever record?
Dark Side of the Moon.

Who were your Heroes and Influences growing up?
Pink Floyd, David Bowie, John Digweed, Oliver Lieb.

Which came first DJing or Producing?
DJing way back in 1993.

What’s the story behind this mix?
Very hot day and I was feeling like making a mix that was emotionally uplifting and calming.

What’s the home studio set up like?
Cubase 7 on a high performance pc, Traktor s2,high Spec Monitors.

Any future plans you would like to share?
I am Going to University to study Music Production in September.

What’s your take on the Analogue vs. Digital debate?
I’m boringly on the fence on this matter as I see both side of the argument, however I feel digital is more practical overall.

Are there any producers/labels you always go to for new material?
Lowbit and Stellar Fountain are my top two labels, currently Dark Soul Project, 10Dens and Midnight Pulse are really inspiring me.

What makes them special to you?
Their individual styles and I feel there tracks go exactly where I want them to.

What’s your dream DJ gig?
Good crowd, dark lighting and a great system. Nothing else matters.

1. Rezo – Tfila (CJ Art Remix) – Mistique music
2. Napalm – Ice Heart – LuPS Records
3. Midnight Pulse – My Point – ARDO Records
4. dPen – We are all Greeks (Dale Middleton Remix) – Classound Records
5. Eric Lemuet – Leterine – Freshliss
6. Villa Violet – Indigo (Tectum Tech Remix) – Stellar Fountain
7. Marc Poppcke – Nightfall – Crossfrontier Audio
8. Reflection Soul – Hydrogen (Tip D’oris Coma Remix) – Balkan Connection
9. 10Dens – Arbol Del Tule – Bergwacht
10. Hypnotic Duo – Lonley people (Deep in calm mix) – Mistique music
11. Antrim – Life to Peace (Dale Middleton remix) – Sound Avenue
12. D.M.P – The Future – Stellar Fountain
13. Mauro Norti – You and Me (Max Cooper Remix) – Wide Angle Recordings
14. Deepfunk and Guy Mantzur – The Mind Palace – SixtySevenSuns
15. Yunta – Perpetuum (Blusoul Deeper Mix) – Sound Avenue
16. Midnight Pulse – Clarity (Original Mix) – ARDO Recordings
17. Eelke Kleijn – Eenvoud (Navar Remix) – Outside the box music
18. Dio-S – to the point (Depthide Remix) – Stellar Fountain
19. Dark Soul Project – The Master (Original Mix) – Mestiza Records