TIP040 Deep Spelle

In just a few years, DJ, producer and remixer, Deep Spelle has built himself a unique musical world of hypnotic, rich and captivating sounds. A native of Paris and resident of Montreal, Brice’s technical ingenuity and warm character work together to make music that feels at once intimate and expansive. The bright reflection of an interior world.

Brice keeps the groove in the heart of each of his creations. Whether you’re a dreamer or a dancer (or both), his music is here to work out your body and soul.

His determination and talent have caught the attention of internationally renowned labels like Lucidflow, Budenzauber, Soul Industries, Acryl Music, Pesto, DeepWit, Ready Mix, Kommunity, Wasabi recordings and many others.

His tracks have been remixed by artists such as Soul Minority, Alvaro Hylander, Deep Active Sound, Babak Shayan, Helly Larson, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Marvin Zeyss Diego Astaiza, Big Al, Dandy, Ilias Katelanos, Terry Lee Brown Junior and many more.

Recently, Deep Spelle signed an EP on the legendary label King Street Sounds and had the distinct privilege to remix Kevin Yost on the famous New York label iRecords. Brice is also known as being one half of the HouseRiders alongside Jeff Fontaine further extending their personal brand of deep, tech, emotive and sumptuous house music.

01-Deep Active Sound & Duhless – Play it [ReadyMix Records]
02-Big Al – Brooklyn Groove
03-Jonny Bee – Nobody Like You (City Soul Project Remix) [Lens Media]
04-Spiritchaser – Emily Cook – Footprints (1440 Dub) [GUESS]
05-City Soul Project – Mystical Journey (Nick Devon Remix) [i Records]
06- Big Al – Soul Key (Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle Remix) [Oversized Records]
07-Matthieu Duchesne – Psychose (Original Mix) [Something Different Records]
08- Waze & Odyssey – Please Don’t Dance (Detroit Swindle’s Basement Dub) [Dirt Crew]
09- Tucillo – City Lights (Original Mix) [8 bit]
10-Martin Landsky – ET2 (Original Mix) [Poker Flat]
11-Nu Sky, Eskuche – Detroit [TLK Rec]
12- Reset Robot – Rumpeta [Dogmatik|
13-Miguel Matoz – Flying Blue (Original Mix) [Clarisse Records]
14-Sebastian Manuel – Manhattan Bound (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]
15-David Penn, Toni Bass, Deux – Party People (Bellocca Remix) [Urbana]
16-J Paul Getto – Different Folks (Original) [Guesthouse]
17-Ellroy – Warehouse Music (Original Mix) [Stereo Tension Records]
18-Luca Cassani – Gluttony [Starside Records]
19-Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon (Jay Lumen & Umek Hey Baby Remix) [Great Stuff]
20- Alestoy – Right Or Wrong (Metodi Hristov Remix) [Sanity]